Busy, Busy, Busy…

Currently Work On:
World-Building Eresith
Creating Commission Descriptions (1.5/3)

Yep, you read right. I gave up on the artist I was having do the cover of Guardian Seeking, and instead asked noblestallion to do the entire series. She’s agreed, and as soon as she’s open for commissions again (I just missed her, conflabit!), she’ll start working on the covers. So I’m getting descriptions for her forms pre-filled out so all I have to do is copy-pasta. I’ll start her on Guardians Ascending first so that can go up, and then we’ll give Seeking a better cover before we start on the anthology…not that the super-secret extra story going into the anthology is written yet. 😛 I’m plotting it out, and then I’ll ask Mel Odom if he’ll mind editing again after I write it, so I can say he looked over everything and make my inner OCD geek happy.

Meanwhile, Eresith slowly plods along. I’m working at getting the history of the Spiral City finished Sunday when I get off work at the bookstore, then I can move on to the other stuff, like religion details, government, law and punishment (Dr. Olberding would never forgive me if I didn’t at least know how that theoretically worked), social hierarchy (both before and after The Last Guardians), and last, but not least, the magic system. Yeah… I’d like to finish this before school starts, but I’m feeling a wee bit doubtful on that front.

My work/school life has also imploded. I’m having difficulties getting enrolled in my final class, of course, as well as finding all the books I need for them as a whole (especially since one class hasn’t turned in a list to the bookstore and I can’ t access the other till I’m enrolled *eyeroll*). Meanwhile, I think I’ve figured out my work schedule, but I’ve got two hours of assistantship floating around that I have no idea how I’m going to do them unless I can wiggle out a, “I’ll come by every time my playwriting class  lets out early or if I don’t have work some random day” deal with the institute my second ten-hours is for. Thank you, nightmare… I’m going to be stupidly busy once October comes around and I’ve got bookstore, classes, assistantship, rehearsals, D&D, forum RPs, and my own personal work going on all at the same time. WHY do I do this to myself, I swear…?

Anyway. Hopefully going to blog again on Tuesday about my RPing pet peeves again instead of just slightly whining/warning about my upcoming disaster of a life. I’ll see ya’ll then.


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