Mari is a GO!!!!! (And I’m uber busy o_o)

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Okay, I think I’ve gotten school/work/assistantship/homework balanced out at last. Or at least, I HOPE I do. If not, I might be in trouble, but hey, at least stuff is still getting done, right? I may have flaked on getting the blog updated last week in all of the crazy (SO MUCH CRAZY, thank you bookstore), but I did get some serious work done this week. What, you may be asking, did I get done?

I figured out that Mari’s story is a quartet. Yep. It’s official. And I’ve got the main protagonists AND antagonists for all four books figured out, the main sidekicks figured out, and the overarching plot questions for both the series AND each of the books. I even know that it’s set before Sal’s series, because I want to introduce Sal’s mom as a character first and be slightly evil and all that fun stuff.

Yay actually getting some stuff done this week! I also finished the actual WRITING part of the commissions, so now I just need to play around in Photoshop and get about six reference pics done, and I’m all set for when noble opens commissions again. Those will probably happen at least partially tonight (I have D&D with my elven warmage Yun, but it’s the first session so there’s going to be times when I’m not involved). For those who are interested, I’ve half-decided that (if Amazon lets me) I’m going to do a print version of the anthology, with inserts of the cover art for each story, except the prequel that gets no cover art because it’s unique to the anthology anyway. *nodnod* I just want a printed copy to sit on the bookshelf and go, “SEE! SEE! I’m PUBLISHED!”

…..I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MARI! 😀 You have no idea, guys… Her story is really fresh in my head, so it’s going to be amazing. I’m going to be writing the bulk of the first book next semester for Writing the Novel (if it’s offered) and finishing it over the summer so that this time next year, I’m editing it for publication. It might even be ready for me to be sending out to agents and publishing houses around Christmas, isn’t that exciting? I’m not certain if I want to try and do two series running at the same time though, so I might sit on my vampire-trilogy/quartet (yes, I again am not certain which one it is, though I’m half-certain this one is a trilogy) until I graduate and have more time to plan a vacation to New Orleans, Seattle, and NYC (the locations the books are set in). That means that the second book in Mari’s quartet (which really needs a) a series name and b) titles for the books) will be my graduate project. This might be for the best anyway… I might make the vampire series my, “Okay, I am SICK of Eresith,” series to go to. Though I also have my Shadowhawk story for that, so hmm, we’ll just have to see.


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