On Hiatus Until 4/17

Hey everyone, so, here’s a status update.

On Tuesday, I was told I was losing a week of my time to work on my graduate project due to a conference a member of my committee had to attend. I tried to get an extension, but no dice unless I want to pay (which I don’t have the money for) and stay in Norman for another few months (when I have no where to live after May.

To put it mildly, I’m in crunch time from Hell.

I have to finish this book on time, and it’s going to take every second of time I can give it. Which means no time for blogging, unfortunately. BUT my manuscript has to be turned in (in an ideal situation) early enough in the week that I can implement my new ideas for the site and get a post up that week. From there, editing at the suggestions of my committee chair (or making plans to edit), doing my last few bits of work for my other class, and the actual defense are the only things that will keep me from blogging, and I should have no problem fitting it in.

So with that, I will see you guys on the other side of this chaos. Take care until then!


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