I Return! With Updates!

Hey everybody! Technically, while you are reading this, I am courting family and going through the fun times that is a graduation ceremony. That’s right, I’ve officially graduated with my masters. It is exciting. 😀

It was a crazy few weeks, but I’ve finally gotten everything under control (or at least, what isn’t is beyond my control). There have been a few changes to the site, and the end isn’t here yet either. For one, there will be a picture on my About Me landing page in a couple of days, once I get them back from the photographer. I am also investigating a new theme for the website as a whole, and I need to figure out what to put on the landing page for My Projects.

For those of you who are curious, here is what is under each of the side bars:

About Me
Landing page–my self-written bio
Hover Over Page–FAQ (work-in-progress)

Hire Me
Landing page–hiring me for editing jobs (work-in-progress)
Hover Over Page–My Resume

My Projects
Landing page–Work-In-Progress
Hover Over Pages–Books by Me, Eresith Extras, Hurrocks Fardel: Swan Maidens

Landing page–all posts that relate to reviews
Hover Over Pages–Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, TV Show Reviews

RPG and Writing Tips
Landing page–all posts that relate to RPG and Writing
Hover Over Pages–Writing, Forum RP, Tabletop RP

Over the next week, while I’m job hunting, I’m going to try and get a buffer of reviews going. Once I’ve gotten about a month or two, I can start planning on posting extras to kick off the summer. I’ve got some great stuff to review and some thoughts on writing and RPing that I think you will like, so with that said, let the hiatus end!


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A spinner of yarns (of the story sort, though I do crochet...and sew, and learning to make armor...) View all posts by Rebecca M. Horner

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