Good News, Bad News

So, I finally got a new job! But it’s a forty-minute commute (and that’s being generous about traffic). What does this mean? Well, I need to move. Which means this week, I’m getting my place picked up to show to people and seeing new complexes to decide where I’m going to live. And between that and adjusting to the new job, I just don’t think I can make it through the next Dresden book.

So, here’s what I’m offering. There will be no post this week for sure and maybe next week, depending on if I finally adjust to the schedule/get moving my stuff over to the new place/etc. BUT to make up for it, I’m going to do weeks of double reviews in August. So one week for each week i miss, you’ll get both the Dresden book AND my writing/RPing/whathaveyou rant. So for a max of four weeks, you will be guaranteed a book review. And if I can keep up that pace, it might become a permanent thing.

With that, I wish you all well and if I don’t see you next week, you will by the first Friday of August.


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