Day 2: I had better not end up haunted… (Part 1)

April 4, 20xx

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m not entirely sure who had the greater shock today. I woke up dreadfully early, at least on Jorvik time (I’m still on London time, unfortunately) to a bird’s nest in place of hair and the sun not even completely over the horizon. Since I hadn’t even set an alarm to wake me up on time, I decided that I might as well get up and deal with the mess. I made up my bed first, setting Zizzy on the pillow, and then reluctantly grabbed the clothes left from last night and ducked into the shower.

The hot water finished waking me up, and I was able to get all the kinks out of my hair. If only it could have changed the color… Of my hair or the shirt, I would have probably taken either at that point! I whimpered at my reflection once I wiped the steam away.

And then heard the most dreadful noise from the room. I poked my head out and saw that my roommate was awake…sort of. She had her head under her pillow. I was actually brave enough to say something about how early it was in sympathy. But I don’t think it was the early hour she was upset about. She kept making faces whenever she looked at my bed. I can’t really understand why… I know most people don’t like aqua and pink together, maybe that was the cause?

I dithered for quite a while over the shirt. Finally, rather than have to keep seeing the orange monster in every reflective surface, I grabbed my dressage jacket and threw it on over it. By that point, Savvy was up and dressed herself. We walked down to the stable together to tack up. Evening was happy to see me, but I could feel his grumpiness. He is definitely not a morning horse. He woke up a bit as tightened the cinch, though, and lipped at my hair. I gave him a pat on the nose, but I won’t tolerate horse spit in my hair. It’s going to get dirty enough running around on horseback all day as it is.

When Savvy asked me where I was going, I mentioned that I had to speak to Justin about his grandfather. Imagine my surprise when she said she had to the same! Apparently we were both helping the Moorlands out yesterday. I managed to find my courage and mention perhaps we should run what errands we could together. I know it’s always more fun if you are riding with someone else, and I still don’t know Moorland well enough to be comfortable exploring alone, even with my phone to call for help if I need it.

Thank goodness, she said yes. (Though perhaps I was seeing things. It looked like her horse gave her a nudge to do so.) I’ve never shared a room before, and I do hope we are going to get along. You know better than anyone else how hard it is for me to make friends… I don’t even know how long I’m going to be here for! I know the fall term doesn’t start until September, but that’s almost half a year away. Surely it won’t be for that long…? Though I’m not exactly eager to return home either. At any rate, it will be long enough that if we start bickering or stay complete strangers, it will get uncomfortable quickly.

By then, Evening was awake and stomping his hooves, ready to go. I muttered at him that patience was a virtue (earning me an eyeroll, I swear), but we mounted up and found Justin in the courtyard again. He looked happy to see Savvy and I together, which struck me as curious. Why not introduce us earlier in the day yesterday then rather than sending us both all over kingdom come, and chasing each other’s tails at that? But that’s just my opinion…

His idea, though, was so very sweet! He had love letters from his parents to each other, and he thought showing them to his grandfather would show him how much they meant to each other. I almost started sniffling. I know I have no idea what to do around boys, but I can still appreciate the idea of it, can’t I? I wonder how they got them to each other… The letters weren’t post marked and I doubt Jasper would have let Thomas just ride up and give Catherine a love letter! Oh, maybe they used to meet secretly and leave letters for each other there when they couldn’t meet? That would be so romantic…

He also gave us food. I think he must have heard my stomach growling. How embarrassing.

Thank goodness I had Savvy with me today, since Jasper was still not in a conversing mood. I would have turned and run if left to my own devices, stubborn horse or no stubborn horse! But he recognized Catherine’s handwriting, and he almost started crying in front of us. I offered him one of my handkerchiefs before we left him to his readings.

There was a spot between the building site and Jasper’s fence that was grassy and perfect for breaking our fast. Thank merciful Heaven, Justin included tea. There were also biscuits with jam, boiled eggs, and some ham. It would have kept longer, but honestly, I was more than happy to tuck in. While we were stuffing ourselves, Savvy and I got a chance to talk. She’s a bit older than me (an Aries to my Virgo, who ever assigned roommates was not thinking clearly), and is very much interested in art, even if she can’t figure out what kind of art yet. She has so much more drive than I do…

She’s also very much a punk, or I mean, into the punk aesthetic. She likes Band of Skulls, along with other bands I’m not familiar with. She played a little of one American band. I think I could like a couple of them, at least their more ballad/lyrical/single type music. I’m so horribly picky and yet not at the same time… I played her Ellie’s song “Lights,” the new remix that I like so much. She made a face and admitted to it not being her taste. And oh dear, that was a similar reaction to my bedding. So we also talked colors, and she adores purple and aqua too. (And that must mean it’s all my pink that bothers her, oh dear, oh dear… I can’t replace all of my bedding, much less Zizzy!)

We also both noticed that the other girls seemed to have a far more structured day, similar to what I was expecting when told I was going to camp. Yet we were singled out, for some reason. It bothered me, though I can’t quite put my finger on to why. But Justin was the one who had us talk to his father, despite Mr. Moorland not being available for other campers. Savvy agreed with me that it was more than likely the son who led the father in this case.

But before I could try and figure out what about what I had seen today had bothered me (I hadn’t had enough tea yet for deductive thinking!), Jasper finished the letters.

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