Day 2: I had better not end up haunted… (Part 2)

He had a complete about-face, and was more than willingly to give us the key to his safe deposit box in another nearby little village, Fort Pinta. I think he would have done anything to stop Mr. Kemball anyway, the way he spoke about him, but now it would also give him a chance to mend things with his son-in-law and grandson.

On the ride over to the fort, Savvy pointed out that Mr. Holbrook was a, as she put, softie, and explained why. Rather than throw away the deed out of hatred for his son-in-law and grandson, he kept it. More than likely because Catherine loved the stables. I can’t help but agree with her, and it really helps improve my impression of him. Maybe I won’t find him so scary anymore!

Fort Pinta is very Spanish-missionary in style. What else I should have expected from a town named after one of Columbus’s three ships, I don’t know, since those ships themselves were Spanish rather than Italian like Columbus himself… Oh well. The open air market was very quaint, and I almost lost Savvy to it right away. it appears my new roommate is just as big on shopping as Mummy! I could have groaned out loud. Thankfully, I have mastered the art of focus and apathy in the face of such people and managed to keep her on task. I refused to be distracted even by the rather large copper statue that had to have some historical significance. I knew as soon as I turned my back, she would be off at a stall and it wouldn’t end for hours.

The future of the stable was at stake, for pity’s sake!

(Oh, I know I’m not horribly attached to this place yet, but Evening is proving to be a wonderful summer companion and I would hardly want to see him lose his home.)

On our way back, we stopped and gave Jasper his key back. Along with the deed, he returned the letters from between Catherine and Thomas, and even gave us an amulet to give to Justin that belonged to his mother. Oh, I do hope that this means the two of them will have a chance to bond. Really, Justin is all Jasper has left of Catherine, and he should take advantage of this opportunity.

I think Savvy and I both giggled a little when Thomas said “Holy horses.” But he was so happy to have the deed, and he even gave us a pair of black pants! (I could have cried in relief, really.) Justin also gave us a bright green t-shirt, far too garish for my tastes, but beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose. At least it is better than the orange!

Moorland apparently saved, surely we would go off to being normal campers, right?

Wrong. To begin with, Loretta flagged us down before we had taken more than a few paces out the gate. I unrepentantly hid behind Savvy rather than deal with her again. But she wanted us to be part of the club! My tongue tied and I didn’t know how to tell her I wasn’t interested. And then Tan gave us Bobcat Girl jackets. Savvy was already making faces because of the color. If it hadn’t had the logo, it might have been salvageable on my end, but… No. I’m going to have to sell it for something I will wear.

We stopped by the blacksmith again, and really, I should have learned yesterday that the man always had work to hand out to unsuspecting campers. Rather than the standard horse shoes that Heart and Evening have, he wanted to make us special ones. But there was a large price tag attached, in the form of labor. We had to go mine the metal ourselves. Excuse me? Since when are fifteen or sixteen year old girls appropriate mine workers? But he gave us each a pick and then directions to two different mines.

Correction. A mine and a tomb.

Yes, a TOMB. As in someone’s grave! And unlike the nearby abbey with other graves, Evening won’t go inside of it. Red flag, red flag! But Savvy wasn’t afraid. In fact, she thought it was cool! I almost swatted her. Evening, despite refusing to go in himself, nudged me forward, and since I couldn’t let her do both our shares… I went in. And mining was hard work! Even with these poor excuses for gloves, I rubbed a blister between two of my fingers, and it was hot, dirty work. Between the tomb and the actual mine, we were hungry enough to go grab food (for us and the horses). I found a schedule of some sort, including when the food hall was open, and grabbed a copy for reference.

At least Conrad was happy about the ore. Even if it is more than a little ridiculous that he is sending campers out for it. He promises the horse shoes will be worth the effort. I can’t help but be a little skeptical that they will be as great as he claims. Most blacksmiths are full of hot air, and I said as such to Savvy. At least, that has been my experience with the ones the school hires. And she was very sarcastic and yet serious about hoping that  magic and ghosts were real. No thank you, please! Just the idea of ghosts gives me the willies. Besides, I don’t think I need a horse with magic and secret powers. (The whole understanding them a little thing is weird enough!) I had to work to keep my face from showing that, though.

Savvy and I agreed that today was going to be an early evening in. The horses are cared for now, and we’ve had dinner and took turns in the shower. Savvy thankfully let me go first, so my hair is actually drying well enough I should not need one in the morning. My jacket had to join the dirty clothes in the hamper, sadly, after all the mining today. It was absolutely filthy. Checking the schedule I grabbed, it looks like laundry day is Sunday. I hope we get more clothes or a chance to sell what we have and buy our own choices soon then!

Money: 4000 SC, 712 JS

Have a question for Misty about her experiences at Moorland or before? Ask her over at Ask Mountain Song over on tumblr.


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