Day 4: Jumping at last! (Part 2)

I was about ready to leave when Savvy asked to duck inside again to grab her sunglasses. Apparently the sun was just too much for her. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me. The brim from my helmet did enough to offer me shade from the worst of the glare, really… I held Heart for her, though, so as soon as she came out we were ready to follow Mr. Moorland’s directions. On the way, she asked what we were supposed to call the Councilman, Gil or Bert? I was a little baffled, honestly. I assume he would want us to use his full name unless he said otherwise…

The road Mr. Moorland sent us down was rather scenic. We passed by Conrad at the smithy, and the G.E.D. construction site. The tacky billboard had a bunch of boards nailed over it. Good, hopefully that awful Mr. Kembell will stay away. There was also a large castle to one side, the top of which I imagine can be seen from almost anywhere on the island. When we turned down the right and by a farm, Savvy got very excited to see some black horses in a nearby farm’s pen. Straight ahead was the village, so we didn’t really have time to pause and look.

Councilman Gilbert was right in front of what I assumed to be the town hall. He seemed happy to have the deed, and bustled right off with it. So Savvy and I started poking around the town. It was quite adorable, like an English village in the country. Savvy, though, was quite firm on needing a map. Never mind that our phones have functioning (if slightly neurotic) GPS, no, she wanted a paper map. So I agreed to keep an eye on Heart while she sought one out at the post office.

I got distracted by this glum fellow standing next to a wagon. He said his name was Felix Rockeville, and he was quite out of sorts. I asked him if there was something I could do to help cheer him up, and he said that he would like some flowers. Odd, but I suppose a fresh bunch of daisies could cheer anyone up. Well, by then Savvy had returned and was quite flustered over something. She seemed to need the distraction.

There were some nice wildflowers lying in the fields outside of the village. We gathered a few pretty ones and brought them back. He even gave us a little coin for our trouble. But apparently that was only the warm up to what he wanted. The farm outside of town was apparently experiencing some mice problems, and Felix was loaning some traps to the owner, Steve. Nice to see that everyone was being neighborly with each other.

Speaking of neighborly, the baker flagged us down and said that there was a silo past the farm, further past the road we came in on, where we could get flour for him. Savvy looked a little disgruntled, but seemed mollified once Harold offered to pay us. I’ll have to keep an eye on her if money is really a good way to get her to do something. It could get us into hot water.

Steve ended up needing our help laying out the mouse traps. I can understand, mice can be startling! He was full of some silly idea that G.E.D. was drilling Jorvik from the inside. That doesn’t make much sense to me. Of course, I think the entire company is a sham, but there has to be a more logical reason for the mice to be driven from the fields. Maybe the construction over the hill at Moorland? With that gone, hopefully the mice will feel safe to return home.

But he wasn’t done yet. Apparently, he didn’t want to hurt the mice, so he wanted a special cheese from Will up on the hill with the mill. Do you think he took over the mill on purpose for all the rhyming? That can’t be an accident, it can’t. It’s just too ridiculous. And then, because the mice had eaten all his grain, he had nothing to give his birds. Well, the silo apparently had raw grain as well as wheat, and he wanted to know if we could pick him up some on our way.

The owner of the Silo, Barney, also mentioned that the island’s previous winter had been a bad one. He also said that some dark power must have been behind it. All this talk of magic and ghosts and mystics is starting to get to me. That spark with that silly cow keeps flashing in front of my mind, and my sudden bond with both Evening and Bright. I’m starting to wish I had toughed out another term at school…

Well, there wasn’t enough grain for both errands, so Savvy decided that Harold was more pressingly in need of the grain. But it needed to be ground into flour. Well, up to the mill we went then for two errands rather than one. But not before Barney gave us some more bad news. That slimy git of a man, Mr. Kemball, was drilling for oil in the Everwind Fields.

We just kicked his sorry arse out of Moorland! What was he doing here in Silverglade now? Oh, we would just have to see about this. My pride was in question now.

Mr. Will, thankfully, was quite the cheerful fellow. If he had a beard, I think he would remind me of Santa Clause… He shared Steve’s concerns about the mice, and while grinding the grain into flour, he encouraged us to try his race track while he considered it. And ugh. Cross country. I’m getting very, very tired of this type of track. Evening doesn’t seem to mind them, but really, that’s half the problem! He tried to run straight into a couple of the fences.

The flour was finished by the time Savvy and I both finished the races, and Will had an epiphany. Apparently he has a fondness for smelly cheese (is he French or German?) and thought it would drive the mice away rather than cause them harm. Down we went, though I swear, I will never get that smell out of my saddlebag. Harold was happy to have his flour, even giving us another shirt (why shirts and jackets, we need pants but I didn’t say anything). He also quickly fixed up some of these pizza rolls for us to have for lunch. They were quite tasty!

By then, I couldn’t take the smell of the cheese anymore. We had to get it back to Steve. He seemed about as discomforted by it as I was, even having us do the baiting instead. But it worked. The little mice scurried right back to where they belonged, and he even rewarded us with a jacket for our troubles and a chance to run his race track. Thankfully, it wasn’t as obstacle-heavy as Will’s so Evening had less places to get into trouble.

As I was finishing up, I passed by Savvy starting again. What on Earth was she up to, I wondered? I went to wait by the sell pen, and was surprised by a Friesian sticking his nose over the fence to investigate me. Where did Steve get breeding permission? I left Evening at the fence to see how many Steve had. I was surprised though by a man who introduced himself as Tobbe Larsson. The name didn’t ring a bell, though I didn’t have the heart to tell him that.

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