News: Star Stables Latest Update and Menu Reorganized

Hey ya’ll. So, I got the menu re-arranged at last! (I know, second thing first, trust me, you want it that way.) Hopefully it still makes sense and is easy enough to navigate, while still being one line rather than the double one. I know my eyes had issues with knowing what was important and what was extra, but now it’s all good.

So, Star Stable launched their updated Moorland. And let me say that the background looks great. I love the new textures, and it looks very bright and warm. I even like the new NPCs walking around who authenticate that the Bobcat Girl is more than just Tan and Loretta. But the characters themselves…. Okay, let me rephrase. The picture-when-talking-to-them art for Loretta, Tan, and Jenna are great. Their vectors, the thing you see when you ride past them, look like the ReDead from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker because their faces look grey and just ugh.

And Josh. Admittedly, I have a little bit of personal investment in Josh now. I’ve got a story going with him as the love interest. But really, SSO? Why the grey hair? Why the duck lips? Why the old man sweater, trousers, and loafers? That last question is legit, btw. Because he is supposed to be a cowboy. And that…that is not Western/cowboy wear at ALL.

I refuse to acknowledge this. Enough said.


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