Day 7: Oh bring back my Linda to me… (Part 3)

We put the horses up while we grabbed some lunch. Evening gave me a nudge and insisted on me scratching the hollow below his ears before I left. I smiled, appreciating his attempt to cheer me up. It lifted me up enough to talk about what had been happening with Savvy, though we kept it at a whisper rather than start any unseemly rumors. After we finished, we left for Silverglade. Felix and Donald had a couple errands for us, and there were chores at Steve’s to do.

We were heading back to the winery for an afternoon snack and perhaps a chance to actually relax when Savvy walked right off to talk to Councilman Gilbert. Both kept looking at the clock. Now, I didn’t pay the closest attention to it, so I was a little surprised to see it wasn’t working, but surely the councilman would be on top of things. Savvy insisted on talking to him, though, so I left her to it and checked with Derek again for my mail, in case something came up for while I was still in Moorland (no) and… Well, apparently the clock being broken was news to the councilman! Savvy came back with her face all screwed up like she was trying not to laugh. We needed to go find the clock maker, Big Bonny. Oh, very well…

We went to the right door in the small town, and we dismounted to knock on the door. No one was there, and I spotted a note tapped to the door over the metal knocker that someone insisted that smaller doors needed despite it making no sense to me. I pointed it out to Savvy and she immediately yanked it down! She could have read it right there on the door, I did! It said that she was going to be gone for a week or three…and it was weather worn and very obviously older than that.

She took the note to Gilbert, despite me trying to hiss her name and get her attention. That note was not our property!

But was Savvy listening? Nope. And Gilbert was quite surprised to find out Bonny was out of town, and suggested we talk to Felix who was good friends with her. And was I shocked when I was volunteered to speak to him because I was good friends with him. I barely speak to him, like I barely speak to anybody else! But what did she do but leave me to go flutter her eyelashes at Derek and just…ugh. She was the one who got us into this one!

Felix was willing to chat with me a little bit. His flowers really did make him feel better everyday. He hadn’t seen Bonny in years, but he had gotten a post card…which was up in the clock tower for some reason. He gave us a key and then warned us about the rats. Rats! Which had fleas and rabies and bit people! I whimpered. We had to go through this little crawl space to get in, and I clung to Savvy’s shoulders since the idea of rats didn’t seem to bother her. And there were spider webs. Lovely. But they didn’t sound like plastic wrap or glass when we brushed past them, so normal spiders. As long as they weren’t black widows, I was okay. And the cherry on top was the sound of buzzing that could have been all sorts of bugs. Oh please, please don’t be wasps. I’m allergic to wasps, don’t be wasps…

Back out we came with the postcard, but the writing was completely illegible. What a sharp difference in handwriting, for some reason… Felix was able to make his way through it, at least enough to tell that she had gone to Barney’s silo after some sort of embarrassment. He said she was a bit barmy, but the post card was five years old! No one thought that was strange? I would be a little upset too.

Felix wanted us to visit Barney and ask if Bonny was still there. Well, Savvy started this, we might as well finish. I’ll admit it, I couldn’t help myself and started humming, “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean.” Savvy seemed to think I wanted to talk about something, but really, all it takes is me hearing the name enough times and I think of the first verse. I can’t help it! We got to Barney’s before I had time to get too embarrassed at myself. He hadn’t seen her in a year, but he was still feeding her potatoes and turnips and just… She had to have scurvy and so many nutrient insufficiencies at this point.

To get to her, we had to climb up the pipe itself (which was not fun) and then there was a hanging rope to swing down…and an older woman in a waist coat who immediately started screaming about us being ghosts.

Please. If I come back as a ghost, I’d be afraid of myself and I would die again from the embarrassment of it all.

Her volume was overwhelming too, so I clapped my hands over my ears. Savvy was more proactive and slapped her on the back! That quieted her down, at least until we explained why we were there. Savvy had to slap her back again to get her talk about what had happened. Which was a simple mistake of turning the wrong key, but she’d blown it completely out of proportion. But if you listened to her, it was the worst thing imaginable. Savvy managed to convince her that she could repair the clock and people would forgive her. That seemed to turn Bonny around. I was relieved that it seemed to be going fairly well. But then Bonny had to decide to go back in secret. I couldn’t help but huff. At least when I got us into things, they were fairly simple or straightforward!

But we found a sack so she could go back unseen (but she wanted a hero’s welcome too and that made no sense). She wasn’t particularly happy at all, really. I was glad she was behind Savvy rather than me. Evening snorted too, making me think he wouldn’t have tolerated her on his back either. Savvy darted ahead, but I saw no reason to rush. I walked along behind, waving at Derek as we passed. I don’t think Savvy noticed that he stared at her strange passenger, and I was not going to stop and explain.

When I was back up, Bonny was outside her house with some strange mask on her face. I tilted my head at Savvy, but she made a face making it clear I didn’t want to ask. She’d had enough of Bonny’s shenanigans it seemed, and was ready to go exploring elsewhere. Elsewhere ended up being the Hollow Woods and Valedale village. I was appreciate of being under the trees, at least. It was a breath of fresh air (pun intended) after that musty silo. I had to tease Savvy about this latest shamble she had gotten us into. She laughed too, appreciating it for what it was. I thought would light up the night sky, I was so thrilled to finally have a friend that I could talk to like that with!

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