Day 7: Oh bring back my Linda to me… (Part 4)

There was a stable girl who directed us to the stable, which was rather nice of her. The head stable girl was named Claire, and once again, she looked like Jenna and Judy. This was beginning to really smell like something going on with these girls… We helped out the stable with some chores, and then asked about the race track. It was up at the lake, apparently, so a bit more of a ride. Before we left, though, Savvy wanted to window shop, and I decided it couldn’t hurt and it would let Evening figure out what kind of tack he liked.

Nothing really stood out to Evening, though I saw somethings I would perhaps like. I definitely wanted to think about it though. There was even a small shop behind a cottage, but the shopkeeper was giving me a hard look so I don’t think we were quite welcome there yet. Across the bridge, we had to pause so we could appreciate the waterfall. And then it ended right by the sale barn and I couldn’t help but squeal. They had Chincoteague ponies! They were probably all geldings from the auction, but still!

Evening snorted though, turning his head to look at me, and making it clear to me what he thought of my reaction. I didn’t bother going to look at the small herd. At least for now. I’m going to have to have a talk with my horse about sharing my time…

That didn’t stop me from mentioning them to Savvy and mentioning how much I really loved that book. She nodded, and we went up the path to the lake. Mr. Anderson, who ran the race, was quite excited to see us. The track was longer than any of the others we had tried so far, but Evening seemed to enjoy it and both he and Heart impressed Mr. Anderson. I beamed, so proud of my horse. It was hard to believe he was mine, especially since it is so new…

But Savvy was done in. She was ready for dinner and to try the disco like we’d discussed. So she called for a pick up and Judy managed up that narrow path to get us. I loaded up Evening and half melted in the back of the van. I was relieved to be sitting on something that wasn’t near the level of work riding a horse was! My muscles were starting to hurt. I’d have to do some yoga in the morning to loosen them up.

Dinner was a fast affair, mostly just us grabbing what was there and going so we would have time to get ready. We darted to the room. I debated what the bloody hell to do since I had never been to a disco before. I automatically reached for my pink party dress, but Savvy stopped me from taking it off the hanger. It was a date dress apparently, making me flush. I quickly shoved it back into the wardrobe. My remaining options were somewhat limited. Savvy had dibs on the laundry, so I had to look at what was clean.

The pleather pants were fine, though I wasn’t sure I liked how clingy they were. The nice blue top was cut to expose my midriff, but it was high enough over the collarbone that I rashly decided I could live with it. I left my hair down and free, and dithered again over what to do with my make-up. I really only had my tinted lip palm for my lips, so that would have to do. I reapplied my eye liner, but with all the dancing, I thought mascara would still be a mistake. Instead, I just put my shadows on a little heavier. I thought I looked at least a little tidy this way…

I spent so long that Savvy had long enough to paint her nails. I was jealous. Maybe wearing gloves all the time would help keep me from chewing mine so short.

The disco was so crowded when we got there! I broke out in goosebumps at the idea of being around so many people. The plain white tiles of the floor were now lit up, and there were spotlights and a disco ball. It was rather overwhelming. I almost lost sight of Savvy, but she grabbed me and marched me over to a corner where we wouldn’t be surrounded, thank goodness.

She started to dance, and I eventually picked up on the energy of those around us and the style of dancing. I heard Derek and looked up in surprise to see him taking off with my friend to dance. I laughed and waved at them to ensure that I would be alright by myself for a little while. No one was bothering me over here, though the middle of the floor looked to be a mess. I just closed my eyes and lost myself in the music. It wasn’t quite what I was used to listening to, but music was music (as long as it wasn’t rap).

Savvy joined me again after not too long, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I left her for a little bit to grab a bottle of water when a cowboy hat standing higher than the head of the mob of girls caught my eye. Standing on the balls of my feet, I tried to crane my head and see if it was Josh, but it was out of my sight too soon. Was it him? What was he doing there? I bit my lip, but went back to Savvy. I wasn’t going to let him ruin my fun, not tonight.

It was pretty late before we left, and even Evening was nodding off in his stall while I was taking his tack off. I stroked his forehead between his eyes and whispered good night. Bright was already dead to the world in a corner of his stall, making me giggle. We went back to the room, and I let Savvy have first dibs at getting her make-up off. I wanted to take my shower that evening anyway and let my hair dry while I wrote this entry up.

Hopefully tonight is the last night that Linda spends all alone up in that castle…

Money: 3475 SC, 4140 JS

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