RotLC 001: Beginnings

Author’s Note: So it begins! I’ve decided to title this drabble series as Rise of the Lunar Champion. We’re starting pretty young, but there will be time skips. I just thought it seemed like a fun place to begin following Eira growing up. I’m a bit late starting due to a bug hitting me during Christmas break and then again when I went back to work, but I’m back on schedule now. I’ll put together a table of contents for all the prompts at the end of the month to link back to at the end of each post. For now, enjoy and see you Thursday with the next part!

As a reminder: each of these drabbles is a “perfect” drabble at 100 words. Which has been a creative challenge for me!

Disclaimer: Eira, her family, and all associated characters are mine but they are playing the sandbox created by the comic Hurrocks Fardel, now available on WebToons (it’s catching up to where we were, old pages are being redone so it is a consistent look). Whether any of this ends up canon depends entirely on the artist, but I’ll try to be consistent with what information they have provided. ^_^


Her first memory was hazy, but held dearly as the decades passed so it wouldn’t fade. It was a simple moment, one of a dozen common memories. Eira wasn’t sure how she’d hurt herself—she was seven with too much energy. Her mother had picked her up and sat her on the kitchen table to clean her scrapes.

“You’re going to be a big sister soon, Eira,” Senta had scolded. “You need to settle down so you can help protect your new baby brother or sister.”

Eira would hold on to that word for the rest of her life. Protect.


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