RotLC 004: Rest

Author’s Note: Winter storm nonsense part 2 has thrown off my schedule, lol. Oh well, just in time for the monthly flip. That’s right, starting next week, update days are Tuesday and Friday, possibly Saturday depending on what happens with my DnD group any particular Friday, since I sometimes don’t have much time from work ending until start of game.

Disclaimer: Eira, her family, and all associated characters are mine but they are playing the sandbox created by the comic Hurrocks Fardel, now available on WebToons (it’s catching up to where we were, old pages are being redone so it is a consistent look). Whether any of this ends up canon depends entirely on the artist, but I’ll try to be consistent with what information they have provided. ^_^


Only a few days later, and the house was quiet. Eira tip toed around, gathering some of the recent apples pulled out of the cold lake and a hunk of cheese out of the cabinets in the kitchen. She couldn’t reach the cups for her usual milk, but that’s what the pitcher of water and glasses on the table were for. Those were kept where she could reach as soon as she proved she could be careful.

She kicked the air as she helped herself to her breakfast. She’d helped! Mama and Papa could rest with the new baby now.


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