RotLC 018: Cooking

Author’s Note: …And I lied. I forgot that this week began my craziest time at work. Sorry, folks. Here’s an update for last week, and I hope to stay on top of it this week.

Disclaimer: Eira, her family, and all associated characters are mine but they are playing the sandbox created by the comic Hurrocks Fardel, now available on WebToons (it’s catching up to where we were, old pages are being redone so it is a consistent look). Whether any of this ends up canon depends entirely on the artist, but I’ll try to be consistent with what information they have provided. ^_^


“She’s seven,” Oline corrected. “And she’s got the valkyrie spirit if I’ve ever seen it.” She looked up at Egor for some common sense. “Lessons in keeping house and cooking, fine. She needs those basic skills. You have them too. But you know what happened when Gran tried to keep Gina in an apron?”

He winced. Their eldest sister was in the same band as Oline, but never came home if she could help it. She’d left when Oline was about Eira’s age after another fight with their grandmother who wanted her to get married, to the groom Gran picked.


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