RotLC 020: Breakfast

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Disclaimer: Eira, her family, and all associated characters are mine but they are playing the sandbox created by the comic Hurrocks Fardel, now available on WebToons (it’s catching up to where we were, old pages are being redone so it is a consistent look). Whether any of this ends up canon depends entirely on the artist, but I’ll try to be consistent with what information they have provided. ^_^


Egor left Senta making breakfast for them and finishing Oline’s baking to walk his sister towards the cabinet he kept for weapons. As long as they spoke softly, Senta wouldn’t hear. Especially as she was smacking pans around.

“I’ll work with Eira,” he promised, glancing over his bows. None were suitable for a child, but he could trade some grain for one. It could be a real gift Eira would actually enjoy for her birthday.

“Good,” Oline said darkly. “Because next time, Ma is going to get involved, whether we want it or not, or risk a repeat of Gina.”


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