RotLC 025: Sharp

Author’s Note: Monday was missed due to work craziness, and today was almost missed because… MORE TORNADOES. I’m sneaking this in before we get hammered. (I repeat, I hate May. May is the worst month. And we’ve now confirmed the underground shelters that are oh-so-popular aren’t tall enough for me. My sarcastic “I need a house with a basement…” is now the truth.)

Disclaimer: Eira, her family, and all associated characters are mine but they are playing the sandbox created by the comic Hurrocks Fardel, now available on WebToons (it’s catching up to where we were, old pages are being redone so it is a consistent look). Whether any of this ends up canon depends entirely on the artist, but I’ll try to be consistent with what information they have provided. ^_^


At first, Eira couldn’t tell what it was even as she got the package unwrapped and opened. It wasn’t until she got some of the paper out of the way that she recognized the hilt. “Oh, a knife!” she said. 

“Not quite,” Oline corrected, helping her pick it up. “It’s a small sword. A little big for you, but you can grow into it.” 

“Oline,” Egor protested. 

She raised her brows at him. “I figured better I give it than Ma.” 

He made a show of shutting his mouth. 

Nodding, Oline added, “You’ll start those lessons soon, your father promised.” 


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