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Character Study: Xavier

Xavier Headshot

Artwork courtesy Kynim

Name: Xavier
Nickname: ???
Age: 16
Home Region: Kalos
Family: Father, Mother
Starter Pokemon: ???
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Build: Athletic, on the slim side, sure-footed
Personality: Confident, likes exploring new places
Favorite Colors: Shades of green

Growing up in a small town, Xavier was raised by two highly experienced and richly decorated trainers after they settled down to have a family with their combined spoils. He made friends with other children his age, and was quickly pegged as both their leader and the one who knew the most about catching and raising Pokemon. Charismatic and sure of himself, he took to the role like a Psyduck to water, and has enjoyed the benefits to the status.

Recently, Professor Sycamore has asked him to round up his friends for a special mission. But he’s asking for the new girl that they haven’t even met yet to join them. Xavier isn’t entirely sure what to make of having a new “student” of sorts, but he’s willing to teach her what he knows, figuring it can’t hurt. His main focus is on figuring out the type of trainer he is going to be, and pursuing that goal with all he’s got.


….Xavier is 90% framed by my exasperation with the tutorials, not gonna lie. I wish there was an option to skip, since if you’ve played the game at all (or you know, since Pokemon Yellow like me), most of the rival’s dialogue is just pretentious. Could it be taken a better way? Probably. I just get easily frustrated and hit the A button a lot to keep it moving so I don’t go out of my mind in boredom.

The rest of his personality is a bit of taking everything in the worse way possible, but also trying to hang on to the character. From what I’ve seen, the rival is portrayed as a mentor type rival, one who does honestly want you to succeed, even as he goes about figuring his own self out. Am I making him more annoying than need be? Oh, probably. And who knows, my opinion might change the further in the game I get.

To be honest, the set up I have for Evangeline and Xavier is probably my hatred of certain anime tropes rearing their heads. Seriously, my biggest pet peeve ever in anime is when a girl works her ass off or has talent, but some blowhard comes in and yells alot and is a total idiot and becomes the best at whatever the focus of the story is. Seriously, cheeses me off and nine times out of ten, turns me off from the anime entirely. It’s probably a cultural thing, but still. Irksome. So if my NaNoWriMo is me mostly having fun and writing what I want to write (and hang the Mary Sue/good writing arguments), then Xavier gets shafted…at least a little bit. 😛


Character Study: Evangeline

Name: Evangeline (I know, repetitive)

Evangeline Headshot

Artwork courtesy Kynim

Nickname: ???
Age: 16
Home Region: Kanto/Johto
Family: Aya (Great-Aunt)
Starter Pokemon: ???
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Teal-blue
Build: Slightly short, slim and athletic, graceful
Personality: Quietly stubborn, likes reading outside
Favorite Colors: Aqua blue and pale pink

Not native to the Kalos region, Evangeline begged to travel last year, and was given permission by her parents…with some stipulations. It took some time for her to pick where she was going, finally picking the place as far from her home region as possible, and helping with the arrangements. She left home with her great-aunt, Aya, for a chance at a trainer-journey away from watchful eyes and expectations that she didn’t know if she could live up to.

She has learned French, though her skills leave her a little rusty and preferring not to speak at all unless she absolutely has to. She also has an Antidote kit that she is capable of using, not a normal skill for most trainers to have. Similarly, she has the ability to understand what Pokemon are saying, though at least that’s something that one in five trainers are capable of, so it stands out less. Perhaps to balance it out, she has a phobia of Bug-Types.


I feel like if I update this profile much more, I’ll give everything away, and I want at least some things to be a surprise. Figuring out what I was going to do for the main character of the game was tricky. I knew I didn’t want to just do the character X provides you with, since the backstory and legacy of her history that they provided doesn’t fit with anything else in the game (or if there is Rhyhorn racing, I haven’t gotten to it yet! Just riding the one around to get to the caves). Hopefully as more is revealed, you all will like her. It’s hard to take the hero-protagonist that is a silent lead in any game and make them real and relatable…

I’m going to come up with some sort of display thing showing her Pokemon within the text of the story, not sure what. I’ll update this with her starter once it gets started, but the rest of the team will be found in the actual story. Other info that is kept blank will probably be kept that way on purpose to avoid spoilers for anyone who reads the characters first and then the story.