Nuzlocke: Heir to the Sky

Nuzlocke Cover Page

Artwork courtesy Kynim (words added by me)

(Fair warning, I might spell this multiple ways. Nuzlocke, Nuzloche, ugh.)

Originally going to be my NaNoWriMo for 2016, the timing just didn’t work out. I didn’t get as far with Sun’s Guard: Ten as I had wanted, and had barely started the game. I also didn’t have the kind of notes needed for writing this type of story. So I ended up not doing it last year. Instead, I focused on my original work, restarted the game, and took much better notes. (As well as found some let’s plays on YouTube in case I need them, I’m hoping to dig up the game script too.)

So this is the year! We’ll see how far through the game I actually get with this, if I hit the words required for NaNo but don’t finish…I may bend the rules and finish it as part of next year’s NaNo. We’ll see. What follows are the rules I’m using for my Nuzlocke, and then a list of relevant posts. (Some of these will also appear in the submenu, this is mostly just a landing page. So far, the submenu cateogries are empty, but expect that to change over the next month!)

Nuzlocke Rules (ver. X, based off of Kynim’s Rules)

  • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be put in a specific box in the PC (“The Graveyard”). Extra Pokemon that are caught must be kept in different boxes
  • Nickname all Pokemon
  • Carry no more than 5 Potions in any combination (Normal, Super, Ultra, etc.). Unlimited Antidotes allowed for character reasons. NO other heal items allowed
    • Non-healing held items are okay, as are stat-boosting items
    • Pokemon Centers are also okay
  • Catch the first Pokemon you see in the field
    • Do not catch duplicates
    • If a duplicate is the first to appear, you have two more chances to catch something else and then you must move on
    • If a Pokemon has previously died and another appears, you can catch it
    • If a Pokemon in the evolutionary line appears of a Pokemon you own, you cannot catch it
    • NO BUG TYPES. If the first Pokemon that appears in an area is a Bug type, treat it the same as a previously caught Pokemon. The sole exceptions are Bug/Flying types, or a Pokemon in the evolutionary line that will eventually become a Bug/Flying type
      • If a Wurmble is caught, it must evolve into a Silcoon. If it doesn’t, you can release and catch another, give it the same nickname and pretend like it is the original Wurmble
    • If a Burmy is caught, it must be male.
  • The Pokemon catching rules (except Bug rules) are null if a shiny Pokemon appears.

Act 1–NaNoWriMo 2017 Act 1 Recap (NaNo 17)
NaNo 17, Day 1: Vaniville Town
NaNo 17, Day 2: Route 1 and Aquacorde Town
NaNo 17, Day 3: First Battles and Letters Home
NaNo 17, Day 6: Route 2 and Enter Ella!
NaNo 17, Day 7: Santalune Forest
NaNo 17, Day 8: Route 3, 22, and Santalune City
NaNo 17, Day 14: Santalune City Gym
NaNo 17, Day 15: Parterre Way and Professor Sycamore
NaNo 17, Day 16: Mega Evolution Begins, and Lysandre’s Desire?
NaNo 17, Day 18: Exploring Lumiose and Beyond!
NaNo 17, Day 19: Route 5 and Camphrier Town
NaNo 17, Day 20 & 21: SNORLAX!
NaNo 17, Day 25: A Trainer’s First Mistake
NaNo 17, Day 26: Grief, and Learning to Move On
NaNo 17, Day 27: Team Flare, New Faces, and Closure

Act 2–NaNoWriMo 2018
NaNo 18, Day 1: Cue Training Montage and an Unwelcome Surprise
NaNo 18, Day 2: Responsibilities
NaNo 18, Day 3: A Father’s Love
NaNo 18, Day 4: Cyllage City and Bike Drama
NaNo 18, Day 6: Cyllage City Gym Battle
NaNo 18, Day 7: Princess, But No Successor
NaNo 18, Day 9: Ninja Daughters Are Prepared!
NaNo 18, Day 10 & 11: Geosenge Town and Route 11
NaNo 18 Day 11 & 13: Reflection Cave


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