Diary Rulez

So you play Star Stable? You want to play Star Stable? You need help in or with Star Stable? You want to know the amazing stuff you can buy in the game?  You have a question for Misty or Savvy? Oh! You want to create your own diary about the game? Well, I can help with some of that. Please, don’t needlessly pester Misty and Savvy in the game.

Just go, click on the link and check out Star Stable! Here is the Facebook page!

If you need help in the game, there are two great resources that I use all the time: The Star Stable Online Ride Through & Star Stable Help (Not officially affiliated with Star Stable). And for those of you wondering what you can buy in the game, the Star Stable Database!

You have questions about Misty and Savvy? About their past, or maybe even what has been happening that doesn’t make it into the diary entries? Well, Misty and Savvy have answers!  Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.

Oh, you want to create a diary like Misty’s and Savvy’s as you go on your own play through of the game. Not a problem. Create your own rules if you like, however, here are the world rules for Misty’s and Savvy’s diaries.

When you first buy the game you get a certain amount of Star Coins, these are the ‘savings’ your character starts the story with. Each week, a Star Rider gets 100 Star Coins, and that is your character’s ‘allowance.’ (I.E. Misty started with 4000 Star Coins and has a 100 Star Coin allowance.)

Each girl arrives to Moorland with the outfit they are wearing on the ferry (chosen from the Lifetime Rewards) and one dressy outfit that is a top, bottom and potentially shoes from the holiday shops and quests. They are allowed to bring the basics, under clothes, toiletries, sheets, towels, a stuffed animal or other lovey (such as a blanket), a diary to record their adventures, and their cellphone. Also, they are allowed to bring beach gear, since the game doesn’t sell those (thank God) but they have these beach areas and just… practicality. For example, of the in-game items, Misty arrived in the “Deluxe Dressage” outfit and brought with her a pink New Years dress, winter grey patterned tights and… Well, there is a story to the shoes.

There are two girls to a room. At Moorland Summer Camp, Mr. Moorland names the rooms after the girl’s last names. Each room has two loft beds with a dresser and a shelf underneath them. The girls share a wardrobe and a vanity. The rooms are set up like a suite and they share the bathroom with the adjoining room.

Moorland Summer Camp is supposed to be a learning and growing experience. They are given free clothes over the first four days and starting gear for the horse they are borrowing. Everything else must be bought and paid for with either Star Coins or Jorvik Shillings. Jorvik Shillings can be earned through doing chores, running errands and doing odd jobs around Jorvik Island. As chores and races are opened up, it is assumed that each character does chores, daily errands and runs the open races. There will be no daily chores or races until the races open or you visit an area.

To make buying things easier, anything you are given or buy, may be sold for it’s buy price. For instance, if an item has a price of 127 Jorvik Shillings as the sell price in game, in the diary, it can be sold for 1270 Jorvik Shillings. This includes falling stars from Mario. In the game they sell for 70 Jorvik Shillings. However, if you had to buy one it would be 700 Jorvik Shillings. So in the diary, you may sell the star for 700 Jorvik Shillings.

You may only buy things at the level you would be at according to where you are in the story. By the end of the first day in Star Stable, you should have enough experience points to be level 4.  You would be able to buy any gear in Moorland that is available at level 4 or below.

Gear must be bought for individual horses. Starter gear may be ‘switched’ out with similar gear from the stable’s inventory. However, new saddles must fit the back of the horse it is for. I.e. if you buy the Winery Set for your first horse and decide later that you want it for another horse, then you must ‘buy’ a new Winery Set.

Horses are fed once a day. Feed costs 25 Jorvik Shillings (half the price of the game). However, if you use the horse, the horse must be fed twice for a total of 50 Jorvik Shillings. Feed starts being deducted from your Jorvik Shillings balance on Day Two. If you want to buy your horse a treat of an apple or a carrot, you get 5 apples or carrots for 100 Jorvik Shillings. (In game, you get 1 apple or carrot for 100 Jorvik Shillings.)

When you move to another Stable, you must pay a one time rent fee of 25 Star Coins. However, if you need to return to a stable you’ve already rented from, there won’t be another fee.

You can keep up to 10 horses in your stable. If you have more than ten horses, someone among the horses has to take a vacation at Horse Island. A luxury stay at Horse Island is 129 Star Coins and a Budget stay is 495 Jorvik Shillings or 9 Star Coins. Whether your horse has a luxurious get away or a budget vacation is up to you.

These are our diary rules. You are free to come up with your own. Or just not take it quite so seriously as we do. (We have a spreadsheet!) And just write about the story! If you do decide to do a character diary of your own, I hope you have fun!


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