Misty’s Bio

Genevieve Mistbard

Misty on Arrival

Misty on Arrival

Age: 15
Birthday: September 21st
Sign: Virgo
Hair: Auburn Red
Eyes: Turquoise
Likes: Black, Aqua, Pink, (Most) Music, Video Games, Horses, & Dim Sum
Dislikes: Rap, Horror anything, High Stress Situations
Favorite Animals: Deer and Owls
Lovey: Zizzy, pink teddy bear with an aqua ribbon around its neck, tied in a bow in the back. Very well loved, the pink has faded to a pastel shade.
Lawful Good


Misty ends up with her nickname the first day of camp, so check out the first post to hear about why! She’s a British girl of high middle class, so her family is very much old money. She still keeps her eye on savings, but she’s willing to part with it for something she wants. She has been attending Queenswood, an all-girls boarding school in England (with writer fudging) for the past few years, and is part of the equestrian team there, and has been bounced around to other camps in the summer. Moorland is actually a bit of a treat for her due to her having a very stressful last year at school, even getting her out of the summer term early.

Her look is on the preppy side, and conservative in nature. When it comes to what she wants to do with her life, she is very uncertain. (Her mother, however, has some serious Middleton delusions about her marrying into nobility.) She does her best at school, sometimes too much, and because of her shyness, she hides in fiction books about horses and in video games on her laptop. But under that meek and quiet exterior, there is a back bone that wants to stand up for what’s right. Her love of horses is as old as she is, and for the last four years, she’s been picking up what they are feeling, much to her bewilderment. It’s been getting stronger with time, and she wishes she could understand why. But with all the whispers of strange happenings and soul riders, perhaps someone will be able to help her…

Meet Misty’s roommate, friend, and ride along partner, Savannah “Savvy” Nightberg here.

Have a question for Misty about her experiences at Moorland or before? Ask her over at Ask Mountain Song over on tumblr.


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