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News: Star Stable Diaries and Upcoming Renovations

I know, not a review. But in my defense, I’m sick. So here, have an update on the news front of things instead of a whole lot of nada.

So, obviously I’ve started doing the Star Stable Diaries with my best friend, Ginny. It’s our first time writing anything together, and I’m really glad we’re doing this. We’ve been beta readers for each other for the last few years, talk with each other all the time, and at this point, practically share the same brain. I don’t know how often the posting schedule is going to be. Obviously about once a week, but no real regularity to it (could be Tuesday this week, could be Saturday again).

And really, look at it as free writing from me. 🙂 Misty has been a ball to create and we’re having fun with what we are doing. Even if not having control over the plot is making me spazz a little. The game has been basically my excuse to be prissy and girly and unwind after work. And somehow, this wound up in Misty’s character some, which is a nice break from my usual tomboys.

Adding this to the site though has made things all sorts of clunky in the menu. I thought I could live with it, but nope. It’s about to drive me nuts. I don’t know where everything is going to be shuffled yet. I intend to make a plan, so then I can execute it and update the front page quickly to have the shortest amount of confusion as possible.

With that little update, I’m going to go lie down and hope I can breathe normally tomorrow.

Sick Day Part 2

Yep, got another bug, and the next review isn’t ready yet. I’ll try to get it to you here sometime this next week alongside next week’s post, but no promises. Now if you’ll excuse me, my computer is giving me a headache.



Sick blogger is sick. Will have a real post once I no longer feel like my head is full of cotton.