So you’ve stumbled into my lair. Thankfully, I’m arachnophobic, so I’ll spare you the typical jokes.

Who am I? What is this blog about? Well, the long-story short is I’m a YA fantasy writer. Part of the purpose of this blog is to have a place for people who enjoy my books to poke around and see what I’m working on.

If you hover over or click on My Books above, you’ll find what I’ve currently published, all on Kindle with only full-length novellas/novels available in paperback. If you hover over it, it’ll divide the stories by world, which so far is Saveer/Eresith, Arcana Realms, and Other. I also list what I’m currently working on at the bottom of this post, so check down there if you are curious! Saveer/Eresith Extras, which is anything I’ve done for those books like clothes designs and maps, is attached to the page for those books, just hover over it on the menu and it should pop up. Also under that tab are my Extra Projects, which is almost exactly what it says on the tin. I’m working on moving one thing out of there, so consider that a bit of a work-in-progress.

Speaking of, Hurrocks Fardel: Swan Maidens is breaking out on its own! As for what that is, well, that’s a bit of a story, so stick with me. About a year ago, I entered a contest for the webcomic and won. Because Eira and her guard are my creations and I think I might do something with them someday, I’ve added them to the site. AND exciting news, the webcomic is back up on Webtoons (HERE), so eventually, she will appear. I hope. There’s a lot of pages to get caught up on, though I imagine it will go faster once the old pages are done being redrawn. All of the character profiles are under this tab, for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, there’s Rise of a Lunar Champion, which is functionally 100 word drabbles I’m posting of Eira’s back story twice a week unless there’s a news post, following Eira growing up and (eventually) gathering her Guard.

Then for roughly one month of the year, I pause everything and publicly post an on-going NaNoWriMo project, Nuzlocke: Heir to the Sky, which is a Nuzlocke run of the Pokemon X video game. There’s a landing page, but also specifically recaps of prior years (written in October a year later), character profiles, and the Nuzlocke tag of blog posts if you just want to navigate that way. This is currently on pause because I want to finish the game and start putting my own twists on the story.

What, you still want to know more about me? Well, okay… If you click on About Me, you’ll get my auto-biography blurb (not horrifically long, I promise) that also links to my copyediting business, In the Corner Editing. It’s double listed, just in case you don’t think to click on it (because not all menus are self-evident, and I try to be kind). Right now, I’m not looking for more clients, but that could change in the future. I also have an FAQ section built, though it is currently blank as I wait to hear any questions people might have about me. If you hover over the About Me tab, you’ll see it, along with my Current Projects page which tells you what is going on for me as a writer right now. Lastly, News has all the recent happenings around the site or dealing with my writing. Finally, I moved the tabs for Reviews and RPG and Writing here, you will get every blog post under those categories, or you can hover and again, pick which kind interests you. I’ve stopped my reviewing as much because honestly, no one reads them? If I ever get particularly hot about something, it may come back.

Thanks for stopping by!

Last Blog Post: Rise of the Lunar Champion 027

Current Project:
Sun’s Guard: Queen, Book 4 in the Sun’s Guard Series in Arcana Realms World Series
What it’s about:
Caley has about gotten this Guard business figured out. Between her own growing skills with the various weaponry that Sunny’s magic takes the shape of and Violet’s protection stones around the property, there just about isn’t a better protected unicorn foal in history. But as autumn turns to winter, an earthquake shakes these foundations and wakes a threat that has slept for a long time…and is hungry. So hungry that a little foal or even his father won’t be enough to satisfy it. No, it will be after Caley herself, which begs a question that has been on everyone’s mind for quite some time: what exactly is the source of Caley’s odd abilities?

On Deck:
Compiling Sun’s Guard: Autumn, the anthology of the first three books

Casual working on Azalea Blooming, a stand alone novel with potential for more that I started during my off year.
What it’s about:
Penelope Vale is a variation of an evil step-sister in a retelling of Cinderella, with some twists because the writer thought they were being clever. Through some sheer genre-savvy manipulation, she managed to survive until her coming of age, when she can inherit her mother’s title and say good-bye to her father and his new family. But it isn’t that simple, as people try to hang on to the power they have gotten comfortable with, the differences in the classes being further highlighted as trouble to come, and enemies that the change in plot has thrown into the mix. She’s trying to keep the original story as intact as she can to avoid upsetting the future that she already knows. Too bad the other characters didn’t get that memo.

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