So you’ve stumbled into my lair. Thankfully, I’m arachnophobic, so I’ll spare you the typical jokes.

Who am I? What is this blog about? Well, the long-story short is I’m a YA fantasy writer. Part of the purpose of this blog is to have a place for people who enjoy my books to poke around and see what I’m working on.

If you hover over or click on My Books above, you’ll find what I’ve currently published, all on Kindle so far, but I hope to be finding a traditional publisher soon. If you hover over it, it’ll divide the stories by world, which so far is Saveer/Eresith and Other. I also list what I’m currently working on at the bottom of this post, so check down there if you are curious! Also under that tab are my Extra Projects, which is almost exactly what it says on the tin. The landing page will explain what is what, but here’s a brief recap too. Saveer/Eresith Extras, which is anything I’ve done for those books like clothes designs and maps. I’ve also got Hurrocks Fardel: Swan Maidens, which is… a bit of a story, so stick with me. About a year ago, I entered a contest for the webcomic and won. Because Eira and her guard are my creations and I think I might do something with them someday, I’ve added them to the site. All the old Star Stable Diaries pages have made their way over there as well, but be warned that those will no longer be updating.

The next three tabs are the ones you’ll find the most information under. Each week, I post a review about a book, movie, or the occasional TV show or my thoughts on something about RPGs and writing. By clicking on Reviews, you’ll get every blog post under the review category, or you can hover over it and pick which kind of review you would like to read. If you click on RPG and Writing, you will get every blog post under those categories, or you can hover and again, pick which kind interests you. I try to rotate around so they all get equal love, but when it comes to reviews, it really just depends on what I’m read/watching at the time.

What, you still want to know more about me? Well, okay… If you click on About Me, you’ll get my auto-biography blurb (not too long, I promise) that also links to my copyediting business, In the Corner Editing. It’s double listed, just in case you don’t think to click on it (because not all menus are self-evident, and I try to be kind). I also have an FAQ section built, though it is currently blank as I wait to hear any questions people might have about me. If you hover over the About Me tab, you’ll see it, along with my Current Projects page which tells you what is going on for me as a writer right now. Lastly, News has all the recent happenings around the site or dealing with my writing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Current Project:
Querying Ten, the first part in the Sun’s Guard series
What it’s about:
Caley has had more homes than most kids. Each school year, she’s staying with one relative, and spends the summer moving in with another one. But now, her maternal grandmother is taking her in for the first time in this cycle. Caley hasn’t seen Granny Kay since she was six, and barely remembers her. But that doesn’t mean anything will be different this time, right? Only Caley has her fair share of secrets, and so does the forests outside of Granny Kay’s ranch… Secrets that are determined to tangle together and force Caley to take a stand, or an innocent life will be lost.

Last Three Blog Posts or Pages:
LAST WEEK’S BLOG POSTS (special circumstances due to NaNoWriMo)
November 21st–NaNo 17, Day 20 & 21: SNORLAX!
November 25th–NaNo 17, Day 25: A Trainer’s First Mistake
November 26th–NaNo 17, Day 26: Grief, and Learning to Move On
November 27th–NaNo 17, Day 27: Team Flare, New Faces, and Closure
November 30th–NaNo 17: Final Thoughts

Blog posts are published once or twice a week, usually once on the weekends or in the middle of the week (no use pretending like there is actually anything resembling a schedule on here at this point, too busy irl)


One response to “Welcome!

  • Deena

    Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post
    I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found
    it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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