Lady’s Third, Rowen

RowenName: Rowen Anadottir
Age:  78
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 143
Swan Type: Tundra, subspecies Whistling
Weapon Specialty: Longbow/Twin Daggers
Home Region: Scandinavia
Parents: Ani and Johanna
Personality: Rowen is the group flirt and girly-girl. She likes seeing what the traders have in each town they visit, and isn’t above shorting her food rations to get a better cut of cloth. Usually she is wearing some sort of make-up, and her clothes and jewelry are usually of the best quality. That said, she will always pitch in around camp, and doesn’t mind traveling near as much as people would expect from her. She has an eye for jewelry and rare metals (she picked out the stones for Eira’s armor), and is thrifty with her coins, earning her the keys to the coin box for the group as a whole. A bit of a gossip, she will gather information more than she’ll spread it, and is known for being a sympathetic ear if one of the girls needs it. She does better as a ranged fighter and has the fastest draw among the entire Guard, even capable of firing more than one arrow at the same time. But in close quarters, she’s just as dangerous with her twin daggers.
Bio: Born in the same village as Eira is from, she was born in town and grew up at the village inn that also stood as the source of most of the trading that happened. Her parents ran the inn, and Rowen quickly got an education in how to manage a staff as her mother reigned as queen of both her household and the temporary houses of the guests. It was also where she first encountered various traders, who taught her the quick tricks to knowing quality at a glance. When she wasn’t at the inn helping, Rowen would sneak off to watch the village guardsmen train, since they are primarily archers. A little flirting when she was fourteen earned her some archery lessons, and it was soon obvious that she had the muscle and the eye to be an amazing archer.

Her parents surprised her on her sixteenth birthday with a bow and quiver of her own, and her father started teaching her himself. Ani was a locally renown archer during his time serving, and he passed all of his knowledge on to Rowen. Not to be outdone, Johanna taught Rowen her own tricks with twin daggers, wanting to make sure her daughter was safe even when her quiver was empty. Even as she kept working at the inn to help her parents, Rowen slowly gained more and more skill, and she caught the attention of the female squad leader.

Rowen joined the guard a little on the young side for them (when she was almost fifty), but quickly earned the respect of her fellow guards. And when this short, fierce country girl joined up, Rowen was the first to make friends with Eira. They have been almost joined at the hip ever since. Lacking in the sheer level of ambition (or maybe bluntness) than her friend, Rowen is much more content to ride the waves of Fate and Bahamut where ever they happen to lead her… As long as she gets to have fun along the way, of course.

Of all the swan maidens in the squad, Rowen has left the longest string of broken hearts behind her. She always finds someone to flirt with, though she also insures that her new friends know that it’s only temporary. She hasn’t found any one worth settling down for, at least not yet, though she dreams of running an inn of her own someday with her own little family. Perhaps because of her own dreams, she really pushes for her fellow Guards to have their own fun in hopes of finding their ones (except for the couple who are already well on their way without her prodding). More than anyone else, Eira worries her, since Rowen wants her sister-in-soul to be happy in her role of authority and is afraid she’s too dedicated to being Champion and not enough to being a real, breathing person.

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