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Arcana Realms Universe:
Sun’s Guard

Sun’s Guard: Ten (Book 1)

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Caley Boletto wishes the worst problem she had was the unicorn in her grandmother’s barn. But no. Moonshine’s colt, Sunny, has decided in his baby-mind that Caley is perfect for his new best friend and Guard for his vulnerable first year of life. Despite her aggressive and prickly nature, though, the thought of violence makes Caley queasy and the sight of blood makes her downright ill. She’s a vegetarian, for God’s sake!

But little Sunny’s magic is a beacon for everything that goes bump in the night. The goblins are after him and Caley’s all he has to keep him safe…and alive.

This was supposed to be an easy few months spent at her grandmother’s ranch before her important 18th birthday. Then she could finally stop bouncing between relatives and live with her beloved cousin, Bree. All she had to do was not make waves and try not to poke at the past that hurts all of them. She’s even starting to make friends, even if she really wishes Ryan would take a hint that she isn’t interested in boys–she really isn’t interested in anybody.

Now she has more burdens to add to her growing list of secrets. If she could lie, this would be a lot easier.

Sun’s Guard: Page (Book 2)

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After dealing with the goblins and a few other pests that have popped up since Sunny, the baby unicorn, chose her for his Guard, Caley finally has some basic defense training under her belt…sorta. If she could get that pesky defense mechanism under control before she accidentally takes someone’s head off, she’d feel better about it.

But there isn’t time for finagling as something new is sniffing around her protections for Sunny. This time the enemy is a lot smarter than the goblins were. It isn’t coming after her directly, and instead seems to understand the mechanics of a pronged-attack. What could it be? Caley is going to have to rely on her friends for help, though that’s going to be tricky with split loyalties.

To make matters even worse, Aunt Claire has decided she wants to try custody. Again. Caley can’t leave now! Even if she could, it definitely wouldn’t be with her pushiest, least favorite aunt. She’s going to have to work together with Granny Kay to out manuever the socialite. And why does she want to avoid looking into Caley’s parents’ divorce…?

Sun’s Guard: Knight (Book 3)

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Goblins, witches, and various other beasts and magic type beings have been poking around Sunny, the baby unicorn, but as his Guard, Caley has protected him well. Despite his father being a total grump about everything and anything, and her own inability to lie. So of course something is going to go wrong somewhere. At least it doesn’t involve Caley’s messy family situation, for once.

The school has put Coach White in charge of keeping an eye on Caley. And his brilliant idea is to get her involved in the school dance team. Only problem? Caley has already managed to upset the acting captain of the team, Kristine Farrow, who is already out for blood because of Caley almost ending up on the Homecoming Court (not that Caley cared).

It all seems like petty, high school teen drama on the surface, but Caley realizes quickly that something else is going on as accidents and pranks start to pop up during Spirit Week. All of them focusing on making it seem like she’s the one behind it, and sending her reputation spiraling. Have the enemy decided to eliminate a cornerstone of Sunny’s defense by manipulating the social scene? Caley wishes it would be as easy as hitting something with a sword…

Saveer Universe:

The Last Guardians 1: Guardian Seeking

With murders taking place in the Upper Circle of the Spiral City right under the Guards’ noses, emotions are running high. Especially for Mai, whose little sister was one of the victims. The murderer is using strange magic, unfamiliar to Upper Circle mages. But a hint from another Guard suggests the answer lies in the Lower Circle, the chaotic slums. When given the chance to track down her sister’s killer, Mai will have to set aside societal norms in order to protect her city. But how far will she go?

The Last Guardians 2: Guardian Proving

Set in the Spiral City, a city-state isolated by the presence of a magical Barrier that keeps the rest of the world out. The city is divided between the the slums of the Lower Circle, and the elite world of the Upper Circle, both by the differences on the social and economic levels and by the very real physical presence of the Wall. While magic is trained and a part of everyday life in the Upper Circle, it is chaos and danger in the Lower Circle where it is rarely taught. But like every city in the world, there is crime and those who serve the city in the name of justice and peace: the Guards.

Liv has been Mai’s partner for three years now, and is well on her way to being recognized as a full-member of the Guard. She’s been content following along after Mai, acting as back-up more than anything else. But with bad harvests and unrelenting heat raising tension in the city, they will need every Guard they can get, especially when fires begin to spread across the ninth district where Liv and Mai work. When one fire leaves Mai injured and unable to help, Liv is going to have to prove that she can do the work of a full-Guard two years early. Advice from her grandmother encourages her to find her own way…if only Liv knew what that was.

The Last Guardians 3: Guardians Ascending

Set in the Spiral City, a city-state isolated by the presence of a magical Barrier that keeps the rest of the world out. The city is divided between the the slums of the Lower Circle, and the elite world of the Upper Circle, both by the differences on the social and economic levels and by the very real physical presence of the Wall. While magic is trained and a part of everyday life in the Upper Circle, it is chaos and danger in the Lower Circle where it is rarely taught. But everything is about to change.

The Lower Circle is tearing itself apart. Food is scarce in the second hard winter, and there are few stores to feed the poor. Rim, a thirteen year old girl, struggles to take care of not only herself, but her older sister Ava after the death of their grandmother, a victim of the harsh winter. Ava is incapable of taking care of herself, due to the natures of her Gifts robbing her of sight and mind, among other things.

But Ava also has the Sight, the ability to know what is going to happen before it does. And when she starts talking straight, she reveals that she thinks she can solve not only their problem, but the problem of the whole city. Rim has to get her addled sister up to the Upper Circle to the only two people they can trust–the Guards Mai and Liv. But Ava isn’t telling Rim everything…

The third and last installment in the short-story trilogy, Guardians Ascending brings together the threads from the previous two stories and opens a bright new future for the Spiral City, full of strangeness and yet giving it room to grow, provided it is nurtured along.




Katherine, your everyday, shy teenage girl who sits in the back of the class, doesn’t get much attention from most people, and she’s fine with that. Except when she does, from a mysterious older boy named Zag. It’s more than she could ever hope for, but then, it’s always too good to be true.

A semi almost claims her life, but Zagreus saves her life by bringing her into the Underworld before her time. But not just any Underworld. Somehow, Katherine has fallen straight into Greek mythology. And all she wants is to go home.

She has to face Charon, the ferry master of the River Styx; the spirits of the dead; and even Zag’s insane sister, Melinoe. But when she’s finally home, she realizes that it wasn’t where she wants to be at all. Persephone is willing to help her, but first Katherine has to prove herself by petitioning the one immortal being who scares her the most to reweave her life’s thread.

Saving Emily

When given custody of his niece after the death of his brother and sister-in-law, Isaac didn’t have a clue what to do. A mercenary and the family black sheep, he figured he was as well suited to raise Emily as a fox was a chick. But when Emily is taken right in front of him, Isaac will do anything to get her back. Including venturing into the Shanghai tunnels of Portland, where someone has made themselves right at home. Isaac and Emily have fallen into something much bigger than either of them. Who knows what is hiding in the dark maze of tunnels? And will Isaac reach Emily before she becomes one of them?

Runaway vs. Rogue

Rima Hawkins has been on the road for the last year, desperately trying to survive alongside her husband after being estranged from her father. But when a letter comes from her mother’s cousin, asking for help with a rogue stallion, she is offered a chance at redemption. Will she be able to catch the rogue?

Featured Elsewhere

Compiled Guard

The swan maiden/valkyries I created for the webcomic, Hurrocks Fardel. They can be seen in the My Projects–Hurrocks Fardel: Swan Maidens, as well as where they are featured in the story (will update as they appear).


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