Lady’s Spear, Iduna

IdunaName: Iduna Makanardottir
Age:  1061
Height: 6′
Weight: 155
Swan Type: Mute
Weapon Specialty: Spear (Glaive)
Home Region: North Africa
Parents: Makan and Ingrid
Personality: A literal mute while in human form and only capable of the quiet sounds of her swan species in swan form, Iduna “speaks” using a sign language developed by the mute swan villages so they can speak with each other. Maybe because of her required silence, maybe because only half of the other girls can “speak” her language, but she’s become the group secret keeper—different from Rowen’s gossiping, anything told to Iduna stays secret unless indicated otherwise. Despite her silence, Iduna is actually very confident and sure of herself. She’s graceful, both in combat and in the circle dances, and plays a lap harp at times. She’s well-trained in her family’s craft—weaving—and even made the cloth belt Eira wears as Champion.
Bio: Born in one of the very rare villages located in North Africa, both of Iduna’s parents were weavers, selling their work at human markets. As a result, Iduna knows more about humans than most others. She is comfortable interacting with them, maybe because she buckles her skin so effectively to her vest, a habit of all mute swan maidens. She joined her local squad in her forties, and has been traveling ever since. She joined the Champion’s Guard when a slot opened up, and her region wanted representation among the elite swan maidens.

Not everything was roses, though. The Shadow Wars left a hard mark on Iduna, as she watched both Solifidians and humans fall. Afterwards, she tried to return home to recover, but found that very few could understand what she had been through. As a result, she has dedicated herself to the Guard. She partially blames herself for Kari banning challenges for Guard positions, suspecting Kari realized that some of them needed the Guard just to adjust to the new world after the harsh wars.

Iduna is happy with her place in the Guard. As a mute, she can’t really get command in a combat situation like Rowen or Tore can, or participate in any diplomatic discussions. But one-on-one, she can maintain solid group relations, and she is an expert in the long-reach weapons, an area the Guard is severely lacking in. She’s closest with Herdis than any of the others, perhaps sensing another damaged soul in that tiny package.

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