Lady’s Ire, Vigdis

VigdisName: Vigdis Torfusdottir
Age: 98
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 145
Swan Type: Black
Weapon Specialty: Double broadswords
Home Region: Australia
Parents: Torfa
Personality: One of the few that Eira wishes someone would challenge and get her out of her guard, Vigdis is an utter girly-girl, much like Rowen and Jordis, only without Rowen’s virtues or Jordis’s usefulness. Instead, Vigdis gossips, cares primarily for her vanity, and views the Guard as simply a way to get away from her parents’ village and possibly settle elsewhere. And with her dark hair and human eye color, she manages to attract the swan men like flies to honey, which doesn’t help matters at all, since she will take any opportunity to flirt and add to her collection of admirers. Thankfully for Eira’s sanity, Vigdis has an excellent sense of self-preservation, and will focus when called upon. She primarily works with one of the sword and shield users or archers, or even guards Jordis if something happens and the healer ends up in the middle of a battle. It’s her decency with her weapons that keeps Eira from outright dismissing her, though at times the Lady Champion is tempted. Severely tempted.
Bio: Vigdis’s mother didn’t have her cape stolen, though getting Vigdis to admit this is like pulling her teeth in swan form. Rather, Torfa met and fell in love with a human man, choosing to become mortal and live alongside him. However, she gave each of her children the option of going to live among the swan people. Vigdis was considered pretty in her home village, but with two older sisters, she had competition she didn’t want to deal with. As a result, she happily took her mother up on her offer, wanting away from her family.

Only to end up living with her even stricter grandparents, and later her great-aunt after one stunt too many. None of them were willing to put up with Vigdis’s flirty ways, and quickly set limits, curfews, and as many boundaries as they dared. The great-aunt was the one who shoved Vigdis into her local guard, hoping that being away from the males of the village would solve the problems the flirty girl was causing and make Vigdis grow up. Unfortunately, Vigdis refused to be broken to bridle, and looked for the best opportunity to escape.

She found it during her first visit to the Lake. Vigdis immediately fell in love with the bustling trading town, and the idea of being a member of the Guard (and thus, having access to as much freedom as she could desire) was too appealing. As soon as she considered it the best timing, she petitioned to challenge into the Champion’s Guard, though without her grandparents’ and great-aunt’s blessings, since they weren’t sure she was mature enough to leave their village. Unfortunately, Vigdis did manage to earn her way onto the Guard, and has no intentions of ever returning home. It’s why she toes the line of Eira’s last good nerve, lest she be sent home out of disgrace.

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