About Me

Author PictureOh lord… I don’t like writing these. I guess I’ll just suck it up, feel free to poke me if I ramble.

I’m a YA fantasy (high, urban, soft sci fi on occasion, I play in all the houses) writer, with a Masters Degree in Professional Writing and Bachelors of Arts in English (Literary and Cultural Studies), with a minor in History, cum laude. I’ve always loved YA fiction and fantasy, and I have a lot of ideas that I can’t wait to get out there in the world. Some of my favorite books include anything by Tamora Pierce, Bruce Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles, and The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. I also like The Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher, the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent, and Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

As far as what I’ve studied over the past four years… A little bit of everything. I like to consider myself the definition of “well rounded” when describing a college student. I didn’t stay in one country/aspect of literature, such as medieval Europe (Beowulf was fun, though) or Native American studies (getting to meet Sherman Alexie was a hoot). Instead, I dabbled. And not just in literature. With history, I covered here in the good ol’ U.S., China and Japan, and a little bit of Europe and the Middle East. In my extra elective hours, I’ve dabbled in every art form from playing music, singing, dancing (ballroom, I did NOT want to repeat the ballet and tap lessons of my childhood, thank you very much), acting, and the piano…except for art. My drawing is either decent or really bad. My only source of artistic satisfaction is my Photoshop shading/coloring skills. Those, at least, I am reasonably proud of.

I’m sure you noticed I didn’t stick creative writing/writing anything not an academic paper in the list of “arts”. It isn’t that I think writing isn’t an art–I do. Lord knows, I have my moments that could only be described as a fit of artistic insanity where I write four or five chapters in two days (…I blame the snowstorms and getting bored far too easily during them). Despite, you know, my general call for logic in fiction, since contradictory information drives me absolutely bonkers. However, because I’ve been writing for so long, it has become more than an art that I occasionally dabble in. It’s like breathing for me. I can’t not write.

(And for my fellow English nerds, yes, that’s a double negative, leave me in peace just this once. Also, be warned, there be comma splices ahead. In my professional works, I stamp those out, but since this blog is more of how I think, I don’t try to edit to print-standards.)

Alongside the standard things (such as watching movies, having my nose in a book), I also play RPGs–Role-Playing Games. I don’t just mean the video games, though I am an avid Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Zelda fanatic, but also forum and tabletop RPGs. They’ve given me so much experience as a writer, dealing with character creations and interaction. So part of this blog is about reviewing the things I love, talking about some history facts I’ve got, and the other part of it is ranting about things that bug me in RPG.

Last bits of personal details: I live in the OKC metro area (ish), starting to travel more to make visits to medfairs besides my local one and other places… And oh yeah, I have two very wild but dear housemates.



Kari is an anxious mess, this is just her sweet face, and Karu is the new arrival who is very sweet, and hopefully is going to grow into those bat ears and that tail eventually. (Both of those are nicknames. I only named the Digimon cat, the Ouran High School Host Club cat came named that way. It was not on purpose that I became one of those people whose cats are one letter apart.)

(For those who remember my Moon Kitty, Tsuki died June 9th, 2018, from a heart attack.)

I also edit my friend Ginny Zero’s books. At this time, I’m not taking on new clients unless you manage to be very persuasive, since I have a lot of pans in the fire.

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