Lady’s Jester, Signe

SigneName: Signe Domaradottir
Age:  55
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 142
Swan Type: Black
Weapon Specialty: Hand and a half sword
Home Region: New Zealand
Parents: Domari and Yrsa
Personality: Raised like the son her family didn’t have, Signe is a tomboy through and through. She’s extremely protective of those she considers under her charge, be it sisters or fellow Guard members (much to their annoyance). She’s known for having a trickster’s heart, playing pranks and jokes, but she’s always careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings if she can help it. Because of her preference for a heavier blade than women usually use, she has to practice every day and has special exercise to do in the mornings and evenings to build and maintain the muscles needed. Despite being a daddy’s girl and spending little time with her parents’ flocks, she is a skilled weaver of tapestries and rugs.
Bio:  Unlike her twin sister Sigdis, Signe had very little to do with her parents’ farm. She was a morning lark, up with the sun and begging to be taken with her father to check his traps and anything other than tend sheep. Amused, her father let her accompany him, which is how Signe first saw the local squad of swan maidens as they returned home from their travels. She immediately wanted to be one of them, and started training. The only weapon available for her to teach herself how to fight was her grandfather’s old hand and a half. But Signe wasn’t daunted, and tried anyway.

But she was still a young child, and with a near-identical sister, there was plenty of trouble to get into and cause. Even with Sigdis not ratting her out, Signe got caught in plenty of pranks and tricks. The punishment was her mother forcing her to sit beside her and weave. As a result, Signe got very good at it—better than Sigdis, since being an archer ruined her little sister’s fingers for weaving. Her eldest sister soon took pity on her, and taught Signe how to judge whether a prank or trick would be inconsiderate. Not only did it get Signe in less trouble, but it also brought some lightness to her family, who were somewhat grim by nature.

Once in her twenties, Signe joined the village squad of swan maidens. It wasn’t the largest, and so rising through the ranks was easy enough. She was a second before she knew it, even if all the traveling was sometimes hard on her, due to the separation from her twin. She relied on the slight link between them to tell her if there was a problem back home, and was thankful when there was never a problem. However, Signe could tell her squad leader was a “lifer,” someone who would never willingly settle down, which left her with nowhere else to go.

Until the news came that there was a new Champion, who was more than willing to take on new guards instead of protecting the old ones. Signe was the first in her squad to run to her parents and ask permission to at least try. She was surprised but definitely pleased when Sigdis asked to go with her, though she hasn’t pried as to why her homebody twin would suddenly want to leave their home. Signe is close friends now with Gersemi, and hasn’t bothered to rise very high in the ranks yet. In her opinion, there is plenty of time for that as she gets older.

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