Lady’s Hope, Elspeth

ElspethName: Elspeth “the Bold”
Age: 10
Height: 4’ 3”
Weight: 70
Swan Type: Blacked-Neck
Weapon Specialty: Learning broadsword and shield
Home Region: Unknown (the Lake)
Parents: Starr and Val
Personality: She definitely lives up to her nickname. Fear isn’t even in Elspeth’s vocabulary, and just watch her charge right into any situation with a hellion’s whoop. An active little thing, she loves dancing and darting all over the village, running around with other children in little flocks. But she’s still a little girl, and any kind of pain will send her into tears. She has a plush white rabbit lovey that she hides under her covers until bedtime named Snuggles, who if he’s any less than pristine white, tears will be had. Her favorite food is apple pocket pies, and like all children everywhere, it’s a chore to get her to eat her veggies. She has no real concept of diplomacy, and with a child’s bluntness, she will say what she thinks, though thankfully she has been taught not to offer an opinion unless asked.
Bio: Adopted by a cousin of her birth mother as just a baby when her mother returned from her cape being stolen pregnant, Elspeth is being raised by who she considers her real fathers, Starr and Val. To avoid picking a favorite, she hasn’t taken either of their names for her surname, and as a result is referred to somewhat jokingly as “the Bold” instead. The Lake is the only home she’s ever known, especially among the male guards, Daddy-Val serving as one of them while Daddy-Starr serves as their quartermaster. Starr is teaching her how to use a blade (it’s…early days yet).

Elspeth has quickly come to idolize the Champion’s Guard, and is quite insistent that one day she will serve with them, maybe even be Lady Champion. She made a bit of a pest of herself with Eira for a long time. However, because Eira is used to small children, she quickly sought out Elspeth’s parents and reached an agreement. While Eira is in the Lake or anywhere horribly formal, she serves as a page or squire of sorts, eventually getting training under some of the guards. Elspeth takes her duties quite seriously, and is quickly becoming a favorite among the guard members. She isn’t old enough to have her cape yet, but can’t wait to turn thirteen so she can and be considered a real swan maiden.

Eventually, Elspeth will grow up and serve as Eira’s second, once Tore, Jordis, and Rowen have all retired.

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