Current Projects

June 10th, 2017

Current Project:
Querying of Ten, the first part in the Sun Guard series
What it’s about:
Caley has had more homes than most kids. Each school year, she’s staying with one relative, and spends the summer moving in with another one. But now, her maternal grandmother is taking her in for the first time in this cycle. Caley hasn’t seen Granny Kay since she was six, and barely remembers her. But that doesn’t mean anything will be different this time, right? Only Caley has her fair share of secrets, and so does the forests outside of Granny Kay’s ranch… Secrets that are determined to tangle together and force Caley to take a stand, or an innocent life will be lost.

Tapping away at two different WIPs while I wait on queries, don’t know if much is going to come out of one, the other is part of a joint project with Ginny.

Ginny and I are also working on the groundwork for a MMO non-combative RPG based on horses, magic, and shenanigans.

Other things that are hovering on the back burner until I feel less like throwing their main character through the window is the previously titled “Shadow Day Quartet,” which I’ve now changed the series title of. (Mari is a real name and has a meaning, who knew?) And there is also wrapping up The Last Guardians.


On Hold:
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Escape–In need of DRASTIC replotting and rewriting
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Search–In need of some replotting and a rewrite, though not as serious as Escape.
The Last Guardians Anthology–I am going to have to have someone redo all of the covers so they match, which is going to cost me a pretty penny. I’m going to do it after the new year probably. I also need to see if I can find where the good copy of the special-insert story is, because the version I thought I had is actually a partial.


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