Current Projects

November 20, 2019

Current Project:
Writing Sun’s Guard: Page (Book Two in this series set in the Arcana Realms universe)
What it’s about:
After dealing with the goblins and a few other pests that have popped up, Caley finally has some training under her belt…sorta. If she could get that pesky defense mechanism under control before she accidentally takes someone’s head off, she’d feel better about it. But there isn’t time for finagling as something new is sniffing around her protections for Sunny, and this time it seems like it’s a lot smarter than the goblins were. Caley is going to have to rely on her friends for help, though this might be tricky with split loyalties. And to make matters even worse, Aunt Claire has decided she wants to try custody again…and Caley can’t leave now!

On deck–White Dragon, Black Lark, a stand-alone novel(la)
What it’s about:
There is a tradition that the queens and princesses keep from their husbands and fathers, with the help of trusted knights. Dame Lyall of Baesa is happy to serve, even with having never met the children of her king and queen. However, Princess Armella of Viarwen does not want to follow through with this time-honored tradition, and in fact is forced into it by her mother. Lyall finds out that Armella is not the typical princess, for a lot of reasons, and something is rotten within the royal court. However, rooting it out in her current form is going to be…difficult…since she can’t even fit through a door.

Ginny and I are also working on the groundwork for a MMO non-combative RPG based on horses, magic, and shenanigans. Check it out over at Mystic Riders MMO or on Twitter @MysticRidersMMO.

On Hold:
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Escape–In need of DRASTIC replotting and rewriting
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Search–In need of some replotting and a rewrite, though not as serious as Escape.
The Last Guardians Anthology–I am going to have to have someone redo all of the covers so they match, which is going to cost me a pretty penny, so I’m working on figuring out what I want to do. I also need to see if I can find where the good copy of the special-insert story is, because the version I thought I had is actually a partial–still on the to-do list.

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