Current Projects

October 29, 2022

Current Project:

Sun’s Guard: Queen, Book 4 in the Sun’s Guard Series in Arcana Realms World Series

What it’s about:
Caley has about gotten this Guard business figured out. Between her own growing skills with the various weaponry that Sunny’s magic takes the shape of and Violet’s protection stones around the property, there just about isn’t a better protected unicorn foal in history. But as autumn turns to winter, an earthquake shakes these foundations and wakes a threat that has slept for a long time…and is hungry. So hungry that a little foal or even his father won’t be enough to satisfy it. No, it will be after Caley herself, which begs a question that has been on everyone’s mind for quite some time: what exactly is she?

On Deck:

Compiling Sun’s Guard: Autumn, the anthology of the first three books, December 2022 project

Casual working on A Gift of Azaleas, a stand alone novel that I started during my off year.

What it’s about:
Cassandra Vale is a variation of an evil step-sister in a retelling of Cinderella, with some twists because the writer thought they were being clever. Through some sheer genre-savvy manipulation, she managed to survive and spite her original fate. But now she’s headbutting straight into the unfinished sequel, with limited knowledge of how it goes because the writer was barely through the planning stages. Not to mention Cassandra was supposed to be dead, not in an arranged marriage to become a stepmother herself. Determined not to make the same mistakes her own father did and to navigate the mess to come, she has to decide who is worth helping avoid the traps of tropes and scheming, and who to wash her hands of. Because this is already her second chance, and she isn’t going to waste it.

Ginny and I are also working on the groundwork for a MMO non-combative RPG based on horses, magic, and shenanigans. Check it out over at Mystic Riders MMO or on Twitter @MysticRidersMMO.

On Hold:
Black Lark, White Dragon–writer’s block is a four letter word.
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Escape–In need of DRASTIC replotting and rewriting
The Uncertain Day Quartet: Bandit’s Search–In need of some replotting and a rewrite, though not as serious as Escape.
The Last Guardians Anthology–I am going to have to have someone redo all of the covers so they match, which is going to cost me a pretty penny, so I’m working on figuring out what I want to do. I also need to see if I can find where the good copy of the special-insert story is, because the version I thought I had is actually a partial–still on the to-do list.


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