Lady’s Healer, Jordis

JordisName: Jordis Stefnisdottir
Age:  765
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 140
Swan Type: Tundra, subspecies Whistling
Weapon Specialty: Healing/Throwing Daggers
Home Region: Scandinavia
Parents: Stefnir and Otama
Personality: A quiet, gentle soul, Jordis is the group mother in a sense. She dislikes fighting, but is handy to have around in the aftermath due to her healer’s training and no-nonsense approach to it. Sweet-natured, she is often mistaken as being younger than her two friends, Rowen and Eira, but if anything she is more cynical than either of them. Despite the impracticality of skirts, she wears them because, “It’s like traveling wearing emergency bandages.” She’s a bit of a klutz, but as long as she doesn’t have to move much, she’s a decent fighter, usually with throwing daggers that she keeps tucked into her sash. Her knowledge of herbs is second to none, not to mention her deft skill with a knife, making her the best cook in the group.
Bio: The daughter of the village smith, Jordis enjoyed rather high status within their village as a result. The light grey of her eyes comes from her paternal grandmother briefly losing her swan skin until her father and aunt retrieved her swan skin and returned them to the village. Her father’s eyes are bright blue, but Jordis got a mix of his and Otama’s dark grey.

Her mother was part of the local squad who didn’t retire after Jordis was born, merely stepping down for a few years to get Jordis walking and capable of moderately looking after herself before jumping right back in. Jordis was very resentful towards Otama once she realized this was going on, and devoted herself to being as lady-like as possible to spite her. By fourteen, she was the village darling and treated like she was near nobility, her manners were so careful.

Her father wanted her to be able to defend herself, though, especially when he took on a young apprentice close to her in age. As a result, she learned how to use small throwing daggers that were easy to hide in sleeves or in sashes. Her love of cooking led to her befriending the local healer, who taught her all about herb craft and later other healing techniques when Jordis showed interest. The healer even made overtures to Stefnir to take her on as an apprentice full-time, and to later make Jordis into the resident healer, or at least a second one. Her life was going exactly counter to Bahamut.

Then the healer in the female squad decided to retire. Rowen managed to persuade Jordis to join until another maiden showed interest in both fighting and healing, and Jordis reluctant joined the same group as her mother. Otama, for her part, wasn’t happy with the “embarrassment” she felt Jordis was as a valkyrie, and spent most of her free time bullying her daughter in an attempt to drive her back home. Jordis was completely miserable, and was only happy when the squad returned home, when she could temporarily return to her old life and the protection of her father.

Eira came on, and she became Jordis’s defender, even from Otama. Together with Rowen, they made the entire lifestyle different for her. Jordis felt nearly-happy, especially when her father’s apprentice and her long-time friend, Sokki, proposed to her. They hand-fasted, betrothing them, but agreed to wait until they had enough money to move to another village in need of a smith rather than stay as apprentices in their home village their whole lives. Eira was made leader and kicked Otama and her bullying ways out of the group (along with a lecture on responsibilities as a wife), and Jordis thought things were settling down.

But then Eira went and became Lunar Champion. And while Jordis would have preferred to stay with her home village, one of her mother’s friends became the new leader and she didn’t dare stay behind. She wormed her way into the Guard, and continues to serve alongside her friends. She is training one of the newer members in healing, though, and saves every penny she can in hopes of being able to retire soon before Bahamut makes another shift. She is jokingly referred to as “Cinderella” by the other girls, partly because of her kind nature, most because of her small hands and feet. The locket at her throat is the gift marking her betrothal.

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