Lady’s Luck, Brenda

BrendaName: Brenda Randadottir
Age: 340
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 143
Swan Type: Whooper
Weapon Specialty: Broadsword and Shield
Home Region: Great Britain
Parents: Randi and Gynna
Personality: A bit of a space case, Brenda lacks a little in focus. How she got as far as she has gotten in her life comes down to pure dumb luck (which also sums up her fighting style pretty well, probably why she sticks to a sword and shield). However, she is also happy and bubbly, a source of optimism even at the hardest of times. She is helplessly in love at the moment, much to the good-natured annoyance of most of the group, but she will focus if it is really important. If anything, her partner has steadied her a bit, and that’s saying something. For all her age, she isn’t quite as worldly as Eira and some of the others, having really stayed on the main island until she challenged for her place on the guard. She often uses strange turns of phrase that the other girls don’t quite understand until she explains. But her good-nature makes her a quick favorite of anyone the Guard runs into on their travels. She dislikes the typical long hair and the maintenance it requires, so she runs to Jordis with a knife after she’s transformed every time for a hair cut.
Bio:  Another country girl, Brenda grew up far away from the one (and only) settlement of her people on the main island. As a result, it was mostly herself, her parents, and her two sisters on their small farm, trading with whoever passed them by on their way to human settlements, mostly gypsies and the like. Once a year, her father would leave and go the settlement, and once she was old enough Brenda started begging to go with him. She was quickly enamored with the local swan maidens and their way of life, and taught herself how to use a sword and shield out of an old stick and a bit of building-siding that was half-rotten and unbalanced. Perhaps because of her unwieldy weapons, she developed the ability to use even the worst-balanced weapon or shield.

It wasn’t until she was well into her eighties that Brenda was able to get a position on her local squad, and even then it was because there literally was no one else ready to take up the position. She quickly fell into the group, but disliked being bound to the island except for the meeting at the Lake every three years. But she also didn’t like the current Champion well enough to serve as her Guard. She was one of the first to take the opportunity to challenge into the Guard when Eira opened up the options, and has been a part of it since the early days.

Brenda met her partner at the Lake when Kata came to live with her grandparents who have an inn for other types of Solifidians there. Kata’s father had died in battle when she was very young, and her mother had just married a human thanks to him stealing her swan skin while she wasn’t paying close enough attention. It was love at first sight, at least for Brenda. Kata took a little more convincing. But just as the couple had finally made plans to wed, Kata’s mother returned with three young children of varying ages. Kata immediately stepped in to help raise her siblings as her mother struggled with her experience and the constant reminder in her children’s faces.

Initially, Brenda was all for her and Kata just adopting the new siblings and moving to spare her future mother-in-law from having to see them, letting her heal in the safety of her parents’ house. However, Kata’s mother nearly went insane when she thought she was going to lose her children, immediately making that idea impossible. Kata (and Jordis, who examined the traumatized woman at Brenda’s request) believes that losing the children one at a time to apprenticeships, marriages, and just lives of their own will be easier on her, so until the youngest, who is currently only six, is old enough to leave the nest, Kata stays to make sure the family runs smoothly. And Brenda patiently waits for her partner to be ready, willingly serving alongside Eira until then.

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