Lady’s Eye, Sigdis

SigdisName: Sigdis Domaradottir
Age:  55
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 140
Swan Type: Black
Weapon Specialty: Longbow/Healing
Home Region: New Zealand
Parents: Domari and Yrsa
Personality: Referred to in their home town as the “pretty twin,” Sigdis would actually prefer to not be noticed. She’s very subdued and quiet, preferring to read or listen to stories or gossip, rather than being the center of it. The boys in their home village chase after her, but she manages to keep running ahead of them to avoid being saddled with children who think they are men. Perhaps because of her serious nature, she often ends up “baby-sitting” her big sister. She’s somewhat slow in her movements, but she’s also got a very canny eye and an almost eerie ability to make even the most awkward of shots. She can also be as quiet as a shadow, making her the group sniper/trick shot. Jordis is teaching her about healing, recognizing someone who has the patience for memorization in her. She has a beautiful singing voice—a rich, clear mezzo soprano (she usually sings the alto harmony to Tore when they sing together).
Bio:  Born to a pair of sheep farmers (because even swan maidens need wool and like the taste of mutton), Sigdis frequently volunteered for the night sheep watch, even during the winter. Not only did she prefer the solitude of the watches with just her and the silly sheep, but she is a natural night-owl, well prepared for handling the late hours. Initially, she used a sling to scare away wolves and the like, but her grandfather taught her how to use a bow when he saw how sharp of an eye she had. She would practice during her watches, and eventually was the best shot for miles around.

When they were younger, Sigdis and Signe were nearly identical. Sigdis often caught flack for things her sister did, but Sigdis would never rat out her sister. As they grew older, though, Signe’s face grew sharper while Sigdis’s stayed round, and while Signe was spending time with their father, Sigdis spent time with their mother and older sisters. As a result, Sigdis would go into the nearest villages on market days. There, she caught more than her fair share of attention from the local boys. At first, Sigdis didn’t know how to handle their attention, having no brothers, so she tried just being friendly.

It backfired. Her actions were interpreted as flirting, and she quickly had a little flock of boys chasing after her like lambs—loud, annoying little lambs. Worse still, the boy her parents had picked out and betrothed to her eldest sister to in place of a son was one of them. Sigdis was floundering as to what to do when news about Eira’s defeat of Kari reached their village. Signe immediately wanted to leave her squad to challenge into the Guard, and despite not being part of the local squad herself, Sigdis immediately tagged along with the argument that someone needed to keep an eye on her twin.

Until things settle down at home, Sigdis is more than willing to spend time as part of the Guard. She knew a bit of crude field healing, but has been learning more refined measures under Jordis, including treating swan people in their swan forms so they transfer cleanly and smoothly back into human forms without bones healing incorrectly. She mostly sticks close to Jordis and Rowen if she isn’t with her sister, and gets shy when singled out for attention by Eira, Tore, or Rowen.

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