Other Books (No Set Universe)

Saving Emily


When given custody of his niece after the death of his brother and sister-in-law, Isaac didn’t have a clue what to do. A mercenary and the family black sheep, he figured he was as well suited to raise Emily as a fox was a chick. But when Emily is taken right in front of him, Isaac will do anything to get her back. Including venturing into the Shanghai tunnels of Portland, where someone has made themselves right at home. Isaac and Emily have fallen into something much bigger than either of them. Who knows what is hiding in the dark maze of tunnels? And will Isaac reach Emily before she becomes one of them?

Runaway vs. Rogue


Rima Hawkins has been on the road for the last year, desperately trying to survive alongside her husband after being estranged from her father. But when a letter comes from her mother’s cousin, asking for help with a rogue stallion, she is offered a chance at redemption. Will she be able to catch the rogue?



Katherine, your everyday, shy teenage girl who sits in the back of the class, doesn’t get much attention from most people, and she’s fine with that. Except when she does, from a mysterious older boy named Zag. It’s more than she could ever hope for, but then, it’s always too good to be true.

A semi almost claims her life, but Zagreus saves her life by bringing her into the Underworld before her time. But not just any Underworld. Somehow, Katherine has fallen straight into Greek mythology. And all she wants is to go home.

She has to face Charon, the ferry master of the River Styx; the spirits of the dead; and even Zag’s insane sister, Melinoe. But when she’s finally home, she realizes that it wasn’t where she wants to be at all. Persephone is willing to help her, but first Katherine has to prove herself by petitioning the one immortal being who scares her the most to reweave her life’s thread.


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