New Story: Runaway vs. Rogue

So, let’s get the bookshelf up to date! First things first (if not necessarily in that order) is my little western-suspense story, Runaway vs. Rogue.

Unsurprising to those who know all my characters, Rima, the main character, was originally a roleplaying character. While conceptualizing the story, I realized how perfect she was for the story and couldn’t help myself. A rough and tumble girl, she lives in the saddle and has a habit of falling in love with the wrong sort for her background: a rich, much older man (any sleazy comments will be ignored). She ends up chasing after a stallion to earn her father’s favor again.

Writing the story wasn’t as difficult as I had expected it to be. Rima was already a very clear voice in my mind, and I know enough about horses to work out how capturing the animal had to work. For setting, I ended up putting her in an area I based off of the Oklahoma Panhandle. I’m familiar with the area, especially around the Beaver river, and I thought it could make things interesting (and more complicated).

It was smooth going, until one of the minor characters interrupted. Bless Nathan’s heart, he wanted to be useful so badly, and I could not convince the character that he was as well suited to helping as a turkey to rain. (For those who don’t know, turkeys can and will drown themselves in a rain shower.) I managed to work him in, thankfully.

I don’t know if I’ll work with Rima and Nate again. I like writing the occasional western, but they aren’t usually related to each other, unlike my fantasy worlds. So I guess we’ll just wait and see what the reaction is to them in their first story.

Runaway vs. Rogue on Kindle.


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