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So, this post might end up being a little pathetic, because I’m not really talking about anything, I’m updating. But, SQUEE!!! An artist friend of mine, Tristen Anderson, was very, VERY nice (and exceptionally patient) and made a map of Eresith! DOUBLE SQUEE!!!

What this means is if you are a fan of The Last Guardians, you’ll be able to see the Spiral City in relation to the rest of its continent. That is HARDLY the rest of the world… I’ve kinda described Eresith as Saveer’s Europe more than once. There’s a land bridge to a larger, southern continent, and then who KNOWS what’s on the other side of that forest (I don’t want to know, I know there are things besides trees that keep people from crossing it, and that’s enough).

I am SO excited that I’ve gotten a little more of this world fleshed out. The Slayers Empire is a really big deal, since it is so important to the Spiral City’s history, and now I have a whole story that happens there…which is also mildly annoying. Because I’m not certain if Sal (new character) and that crew’s story happens chronologically before my little half-changeling’s trilogy. *le sigh* And I’m not certain if it IS a single story, I’m worried it needs to be a trilogy and that’s… typical.

I’ve color-coded the map in two ways: one is topography, the other is where all the countries lay out. I’m HOPING I’ll get my Spiral City map that I have scribbled somewhere scanned in and up so you all can see that too. 😛 If I do, I’ll just edit this post. I can’t remember which of my notebooks I put it in. But yes, new page on the website coming up in a few seconds! *happy dance*

Edit: I found my scribbles and made them pretty in Photoshop. 😀 So enjoy! And I shifted things around on the site…


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