News: Life Updates!

Hey, ya’ll. So, what’s been going on in the radio silence?

Well, I took over the Dance Guild for my medieval group. We had our first seminar in July, which was a learning experience in planning with others for me. It was a success, though, so hopefully I’ll be working more of those alternating summers. Meanwhile, the house hunt continues! I had the perfect place, but before I had my financing in order, it pended an offer, so sadness.

Meanwhile, my RP site died, so I had to build us a new site to use. The transfer over was one of panic and dismay. Some of the group had been using the old site for a long time. However, another was experiencing a problem with a hateful other player (which has prompted a blog post, look for that sometime next week), so it might end up being for the best. (I’m about as behind over there as I am here, all the busy.)

Psyche’s DnD campaign finally came to an end, the DM wrapping it up quickly as all of us started dragging and our power levels got ridiculous. Belle is staying retired, because I need the right campaign for her (sort of like ever using Anna again). So while my new kitsune oracle character, Ran, is in one campaign, I’m working on a Vishkanya Deadly Courtesan build, Danika. She’s going to be…different, a lot like Anna, so I’ll be stretching my RP ability. (I can’t flirt, what AM I thinking?!)

The big thing is that Ginny and I sent an idea for a spin-off game, well over a year ago, and we finished that up! We sent it off to the company that the parent game is being done by, no word yet (this was several weeks ago). In the meantime, we’re playing with other ideas together, and she has been getting her book self-published. I had to edit that for her, and will be doing the same for the second book once she’s ready for it. I’ll have longer for it and won’t be silent on here though.

Where does this leave my books? Well, I finally found my stinkin’ notes for the second half of Act II of Ten. I did a re-read of what I have, and I have a surprising little I feel the need to cut of it. So if I can make the second half and the ending just as solid, editing should be pretty simple before it’s my turn to face the agents-querying process. I’m going to try and cut out thirty minutes to write, every day. No TV, no video games, barely talking to Ginny time. Then I can expand on it once I at least get in the habit of thirty minutes. Otherwise, this is never going to get done.

Next week will be the RP post, then a somewhat ranty review of one of my favorite shows followed by a study of Psyche now that her campaign is finished.


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