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Tornado Check In

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’m okay from the tornado that hit my town, an EF2. I was probably about 750-1000 ft away from it, and my place is one of very few with no damage. However, they shut down the road getting into our lane because of downed power lines, and I (obviously) had no power or heat.

My mother and aunt were able to evacuate me and both cats on Monday morning at 7 AM. I got to work both of my days before my planned vacation to work on the house (and Queen), the cats were terrified but at least ate enough that their livers didn’t make them throw up and kept drinking. (Okay, we used a syringe on Karu twice a day, I was paranoid. Kari was less tolerant of it and I have the massive scratch to prove it.)

Power was returned at 8 PM on Tuesday, obviously too late for me to go home. Also, road was still closed. Thankfully, I’m friends with a neighbor. She let us walk across her fence to bring the cats home with a shorter walk, all my things I took with us, and groceries. The roads opened up Wednesday night at 10 PM, and I woke up this morning to my WiFi restored. For reference, the fiber company had to wait for electricity to be back since in this case, that meant replacing 50+ poles. The fact 50+ poles were replaced in 48 hours is absolutely amazing.

I’m a bit shaken up by how close it all was. I only have to walk to the end of my block to see how bad it was. And this is just the beginning of storm season.